I Want To Be A Vegetarian, But I'm Walking Toward Anemia.

The Story

Hi, I'm a girl 20 years old. For several months now I gradually reduced the meat, at first I did not start doing it deliberately, but when I realized I decided to slowly turn it off from my menu. Because my mother has anemia (90-80 hemoglobin) I've been thinking about what I'm doing. She makes me eat meat herself, says it helps her maintain normal iron values in the blood. I don't deny it, it's straight, the meat brings a lot of positives, especially with anemia, but I just don't feel like eating anymore. I decided to take a blood test two months ago. It did not come out anything scary-117 hemoglobin at the norm 120 (3 years ago I was exactly 120, then I ate meat), my iron was exactly the norm. I took the results to my personal doctor, she said that in general the picture was OK, did not recommend me to do anything special. I also mentioned that I dropped the meat and thought I'd stop it altogether, and I asked her what to do because apparently my hemoglobin tends to go down. She just told me to take a multivitamin if I wanted to, and that's it. Now I drink Dopelhertz B-complex, glutamine, selenium and vitamin C. I eat animal products, fruits, I try to eat varied, just without meat. From that day I had a crack in the corner of my lip, so I returned to the problem of anemia. I ask you: Is it possible with age this problem to deepen, as happened with my mother? Do I have to start eating regular meat again (now I take it very rarely)? Is there anyone with a similar problem?

Last Updated
May 23, 2020