I Try To Kiss Her, But ...

The Story

Hello!!! I am a 16 year old boy and I like a girl. We are best friends with her. We are constantly together, we study in one school, we are one class. But (there is always a "but"), here's the problem that I started to like her. She knows about my feelings for her. When we go to bed together and wrap ourselves in a blanket (so that it is dark for us, because we are braver in the dark) I ask her if I can kiss her. She tells me that if she hasn't hit me yet, then I need to know the answer. I approach her, but I can't do it (I don't know why). As I approach her (1 centimeter away) I panic and pull. Please tell me what should I do to do it right and not go wrong somewhere? This will be my first kiss (at all) and I don't want to slap things (and this is my true love). !! Thank you in advance!

Last Updated
July 24, 2020