I Tolerate It Because I'm Stupid!

The Story

Hi, I'm a 23-D girl. I've been living with my boyfriend for six. Our story is the following... Ever since we moved in together he does nothing at home because he "goes to work" (I also walk), do not hang out because he is tired (from work), we do not play board games because they are dumb and without another is tired (from work), sex we do when he wants and is not tired (from work naturally) which is rarely perhaps at the beginning and sometimes to the middle of the month... I Einagi I loved the purity (it and what else to do) when I want to go out for dinner, for example, we need 1-2 months to make it, to calculate how much we spend because we NEVER have money... And heaven to tell me is it would be better to cook at home (as I do every day). For several months I have no desire for anything, nor to cleanse, feathers, cook, wash dishes, nor for games, scandals (which are permanent)... Well, of course, I don't leave the house to sink in misery but it's not like when I want... He keeps yelling at me, yelling, pushing, swearing, and insulting... Last time he started yelling at me because I was a lot thinner, maybe 15/16kg for 2-3 months, and he thinks it's because of someone else, and maybe it's nerves or some disease I've developed from nerves and fear... Everything says it's his, not to touch it (I mean for clothes to pick up, for the phone to move away from the table) but the lid was today when I wanted to turn on the TV and he said that the TV was his gift and without asking, I have no right to include it, we fought again and I asked myself why I tolerate it, and he said it was because I'm stupid. The truth is that I tolerate it because I have nowhere to go, with my parents I can not, because they are 2 families in a two-story house with my sister and her family (male children) and I do not want to disturb them, I can go to quarters but I have no money because he picks them up and brings them to the bank on his account. Currently, I have 70 LV but I will not get anywhere... And so I tolerate because I'm stupid... I say all this because I need to share...

Last Updated
May 19, 2020