I Slipped

The Story

Hi! I Will tell you the story that happened to me recently and continues to happen and at the moment:)) I'm almost 20 years old, I'm very beautiful, and not only... I don't know why but I attract irresistible men, but mainly as a sexual object. Not because I'm dull or insensitive, I'm not like that at all, just obviously sexuality prevails. And I'm not a world of water. And I'm screwing with almost everyone I liked and aroused my interest – but this is getting tough. So what happened--all summer I was giving it to the debauchery with a bunch of things, until at the end of September, I accidentally met my man. We met in an Elmaz. com and started writing on Skype. After a few evenings, I just invited him to sleep with me at home (to Meka only allegedly) by making him promise that we would not have sex in any case. And he came, took me from work-I work till 2 a.m. at night, and we went to my place. I remember I left a hell of a pigsty this morning, and I got a quick bite.


We were talking like we know each other a long time ago, and it was cool. I took a shower and told him that I had to go to bed because the other day I'm back to work. We got undressed--I was in a bikini, he was in boxers, and we went to bed. He got me in a hug and started stroking my back, and I was staring at a certain excitement, and at the same time, I was getting an erotic touch. But it didn't follow.. I fell asleep happily with the stranger handsome Man in my bed. At one time at night, I woke up with a hellish hunger for sex and we started to get a kiss, he rode on me and. Before he got it right, he stopped and said no, I promised you, we're not doing it. And he just went to bed and hugged me and.. Fell asleep again. In the morning I woke up very happy with him, we were stabbed and talked a lot, and finally, it just happened one of the coolest sexes that I remember.. Then he drove me to work and so...


Started At first he called me a day five times just to hear me, saw, we had sex, everything was perfect. And Taman, as I started to feel my heart is gone, something happened to him... You stopped Diga your phone, wrote a smart. Changed a lot. I tried a week and I wondered what the case was, and I finally asked him what our otnošeniata was and etc in this style of conversation. He explained to me that he was still affected by the relationship and the bad breakup with his previous friend (relationship 2 years ago...... for a wealthy man) and will not touch anyone but just friends and sex. I don't understand...


At first, he acted like a man in love, and I was on the shelf and I slipped and... Now he's just acting cold, he just... I don't know what to do, to fight, to go away... I was with a handsome man last night, and I couldn't... He went to take a bath, and I cried for my boy, and I moved out in a hurry, the guy bathed. Do not know. I'm very much in love and there's no way out. Or at least I do not see it. If you want a comment, I would be interested to read. And now I'm a little relieved because instead of just tears, I have exhausted some words from my heart.

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May 18, 2020