I Love You And Hopefully One Day You Read This!

The Story

Hello my love. I hope one day we will be together again, read this and understand how much I love you. For almost 3 years. I am in love with you from the first kiss to the last word spoken, I wish you and I were like in fairy tales where everything is fine and has a beautiful ending. Well, it's not like that with you, it never was, but I want it to be. We have always been similar to you, but we also distinguished a lot. Are we talking to each other as friends, but also as enemies. We saw each other as a couple, but also as strangers. You changed everything, created the rules, changed the game and now my heart is playing by them. People say that love is one and I was really convinced of that. I saw so many stars, but I forgot all of them, I only remembered you. You are my star, even if you are the tiniest, you are the piece of the puzzle that completes it. And I wish I could tell you these and a bunch of other things when we were together, but the words never came out of my mouth. And I could hardly tell you all this and arrange my thoughts in the way I would like. At the moment you are probably asleep and quite normal 3 at night is ... Oh imagine how you sleep, if you know how many times I watched you sleep, it's so nice when your whole world is immersed in sleep and you can't you take your eyes off him. And to know that tomorrow we will see again the looks of strangers that we always show in front of others, but in fact they are looks that say a thousand words. I know I will keep worrying every time I see you. I know that every time I will be 100 steps away from you, but if you reduce the distance by only 1 and I will approach you with one, and so one by one we will reach each other. I'll wait,

Last Updated
November 10, 2020