I Lived With Her For 18 Years And She Left Me

The Story

I will try to be brief. I am asking for advice. I am very sensitive but also very repulsive at times. That's how I see myself. I loved and still love her but she just didn't wait a little longer. From a series of my problems that I brought into our family, not between us but mine (official, and problems in my father's family) settled between us. I became aggressive, I got angry at her in one way or another / kill, fabrications and swearing, but not assault. She didn't give in to me either, and we came to my great stubbornness. For three months I spoke to her very rarely, she twice tried to have sex but I refused, although I really wanted to, because before stubbornly we rarely skipped a day not to have sex. So she dumped me and left and she doesn't want to see or hear me, and I can't live without her. We have a 16-year-old daughter who is with me. What can I do to forgive me. I'm 40 and she's 34.

Last Updated
October 27, 2020