I Had An Abortion Years Ago, I Want To Be A Mother

The Story

Hello, years ago it happened that I got pregnant. I do not want to comment on how it happened, but it was a very difficult and difficult period for me. I had to have an abortion in the 5th week, the doctors told me to wait because I had gone in the second or third week and they told me it was too early for an abortion. When time passed and the appointed date came, it happened. It was weird, I had bleeding that went away in about 10 days, but that night I had a hell of a burning sensation in my eyes from the anesthesia, which I read was a normal reaction. I was beaten. For the first time I had sex only 6 months after the intervention, but my uterus hurt as if I experienced sex pleasure only after about 10 - 12 months after the intervention. And even now sometimes when I have sex, with more intense movements, or if I eat more I have the same feeling as if my uterus hurts. I go to check-ups regularly, my uterus is normal in size and in place, I have no problems, but I'm sick of what happened. About 6 years have passed since the abortion and I am now 26 and a half years old and I am thinking about having a child, but I am afraid that I will be able to get pregnant after that, even though I did not have complications and everything was fine after that. I drank escapelle three times after the abortion because of a torn condom and suspicions of sperm in the fluid before ejaculation. Between the pills there was a year or 7-8 months, they are not taken often. I'm sure one day I'll give birth to a cesarean section, God forbid, because I'm a hell of a little downstairs, even when I go to the gynecologist, the doctors don't open the speculum as usual, they just lightly place it and work like that. A gynecologist told me that I would have a lot of birth injuries if I gave birth normally because I was small. I am also worried about the section and I think and think and I am afraid ... And at times I want to become a mother and forget about these fears, but much more often I am afraid. Has any lady gone through this and can I get advice and opinions about your stories, how did it happen to you

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October 18, 2020