I Drank A Little ....

The Story

-I ... I drank a little. And I miss you. And I'm calling you ... I called ... And drunk, I know you won't pick me up. But I know you will read this. You like to read messages. Once upon a time, now ... How many months have it been Year? Do you count them? Because I count them. As much as my mistakes to you! Sorry, I drank a little. And drunk and sober, I can't forgive your absence from my life. I need you! To turn from no understanding that I am a happy person. Is it too late? And my days are short without you ... I don't know when that night comes and at whose door I wake up. Any, but it's not you! I want to take those eyes out so they don't look for you where they aren't. And I will look for you again ... Do you know what I have become? Nothing ... And I know you're not happy about that fact. Without you I am an abyss! I love you!

Last Updated
November 10, 2020