I Don't Want A Family And A Relationship, That's Why.

The Story

I am a child of divorced parents, there were constant scandals, quarrels, and finally they divorced. My parents' parents are also divorced, and there were almost no divorces in their time, so this is an event. I have two uncles - one marries twice, the other 3. Something was happening and in the end they divorced. Because I'm 24, I don't know many people who are more than 30-40 and are married ... but those I know are either divorced or about to divorce. I don't have any friends or acquaintances who have a long relationship. What these people have in common with my relatives is that they are all unhappy. You probably already know that I've never had a serious relationship. I don't want to have a family. I don't want to get married. Why me Just to be able to divorce in a few years? No, thanks, I prefer to save the whole circus. My boss is over 50, he has never been married, all his life he has had many boyfriends, he has told me many stories, he has lived abroad and he has also been a countman there, I often see him with 18-20 year old girls, he constantly changes them even at this age. He is always smiling and happy. Always!!! Although there are no children. Come on now, add 2 and 2 and tell me - who is better ??? And if I have at least 2 brain cells, which lifestyle will I choose?

Last Updated
November 08, 2020