I Can't Get Pregnant

The Story

Hello, I'm engaged to my boyfriend for 1 and a half at the beginning of our relationship. I drank contraceptives. I drank them for a total of 4 years. but I decided to stop them because I realized that I no longer need them for 7 months I do not drink them during these seven months of each of our sexual intercourse it ends in me. In fact, he and I have never specifically wanted or said we want a child, but we realize that we both want him, we live together, we renew where we live together, we have common plans, and all in all, it's not me and him, we love each other we support each other these are unnecessary specifics and every month for 7 months now it comes to me like clockwork on the date as we have not resorted to doctors because as I said it is not something we strive for and do not discuss every month but now why not why didn't it work out, but I'm worried about his brother in the future, his cousin can't have children and I'm worried that he might have problems or because I have 2 abortions. How do you think this really creates an occasion or I get into movies

Last Updated
September 08, 2020