I Can't Fall Asleep At Night

The Story

Hi! I'm 19 years old and I can't sleep at night for the last three days. I will try briefly to explain to you... I don't drink energy, coffee but smoke cigarettes but I've been smoking them for years, so I don't think it's one of them. I read that chamomile tea calmed the nervous system and started drinking it with just a little sugar. Sleep until the morning at 9, 10 and I wake up at 13:00 too little sleep and not even a night's sleep... For now, I don't feel tired the rest of the time. I wish the evening to go to bed but do I do it just turn and nothing more I tried and sit in a completely dark room without a gram of light from a TV or phone but it does not help. I would be happy if someone had experienced such a thing and wanted to share how he did in this situation this is every evening without exception of already 1 week I wonder if I should seek help from a doctor but I hope to sleep and disappear as it came.

Last Updated
May 14, 2020