Hunt For The Wilderpeople Review (Tragicomedy, 2016)

Learn more about the movie "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" released in 2016. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Hunt for the Wilderpeople"?
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Hunt For The Wilderpeople - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" is a tragicomedy production.
IMDB rated the movie with 7.0 / 10.
According to Google Users - 91% of the people watched the movie liked the story.
Director: Taika Waititi
Actors: Sam Neil, Julian Dennison, Rome Te Vyata, Rachel House, Oscar Kaitley, Stan Walker, Mike Minogue, Cohen Holloway, Reese Derby, Taika Waititi Sympatishno. Review of the cat Bagel



Hunt For The Wilderpeople Review

Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) - teen with unlucky fate. He has no family: Ricky's mother abandoned him. Kid grew up in an orphanage and became so bully that Paula (Rachel House) of Children's social services have no manages to attach Ricky to the waiting room Family: Every time it's someone adoptes, Ricky in the new house for a long time is not Delayed.

On social media about Ricky there have been cases of disobedience, theft, flight, spitting, throwing stones, kicking property, spoiling property, burning property, vagrancy and graffiti. And that's just what they know about him.

Somehow once again Ricky was adopted - certain Bella (Rima Te Vyata), the lady in age living on a remote farm with his friend Hector (Sam Neal). Heck - unsmiling and unspoken man who bush knows how his five Fingers. Once Hek had to sit off in prison and that's his character clearly not Improved. Bella Heck is very well, but Ricky for him -- no one, Heku No foster children are needed.

Ricky as usual, gathered was to get out of a new family faraway, however Bella, unlike other adoptive mothers, he's not in any way Prevents. She understands very well that Ricky's raging won't go far. And Get lost there won't get lost . . . will find quickly, he is experienced.

Ricky made a couple of attempts to get away, quickly realized that it's totally hopeless after what he started living on the farm and even he I started to like it.

However, very little has passed time, and Bella died unexpectedly of heart attack. Paula from the service Guardian informs Hek that she will take boy and will be looking for him another family, and then Ricky goes to the bush, and Now he has no way back.

With Ricky's Bush goes and Heck: on Bella's farm he has no rights so he there's nowhere to go, and a child without He's going to be gone.

The social services decide that Heck kidnapped a boy all over the county hang posters with orientations, for the capture of Hek announced the award, so that the hunt began in full.


Tired these endless movie comics (especially that these franchises the farther the getting dumber), fed up Hollywood punching, wanted see something more or less fresh and original.

And then I found that New zealand director and actor Taika Waititi, one of the creators of the TV series Flight Concorde" and one of the creators excellent parody of "Real ghouls, " made a new film that has already received 9 awards and 3 nominations for various film festivals, he is praised critics, and the film's rating on IMDB - more than tall.

Well I thought, I must watch, me the movie "Real Ghouls" loved it.

Looked. Let's put it this way - without delights (I gave him 70 out of 100), but Definitely liked it.

And the film, meanwhile, is very Simple. It's not banter at all, like "Real Ghouls." It's more of a tragicomedy, the basis of which is A kind of baddie-moovi, where in the process joint wanderings sullen and unspoken man gradually becomes a friend of the antisocial boys with an unhappy fate.

But no one presses a tear out of the audience, on the contrary - the film is more hilarious than Sad. And very contemplative: views Nsw is there perfectly fantastic and these views are very diverse, as Ricky and Hector go higher and higher up the mountains.

Sam Neil is very nice and quite famous actor who, in particular, played Superintendent Chester Campbell's class role in the TV series "Sharp visors."

Here he also played a very good: restrained, on half-tones (own, his Heck and distinguished restraint), but The character turned out to be bright and cute, and you can clearly see how Heck gets into the Ricky has a sincere sympathy.

Julian Dennison in the role of Ricky is also very good. A fat, stung lad, who knows how to light in direct and figuratively and even in the bush is held quite dignified, though, as you understand, in bushe -- it's somehow not too cozy.

In the course of their wanderings (and they Walk like this for almost half a year) Heck and Ricky meet a wide variety of, sometimes very colorful characters. Ricky visited the house of the "Elf Princess" where he met her cheerful dad, also Ricky with Hek got shelter from Psycho Sam (Reese Derby) - hiszan nud paranoid who lived fifteen years in a barn in the middle of a bush.

By the way was a great pleasure in the role of Psycho Sam to see Reise Derby again - excellent actor (he gave me something recalls Charlto Copley), who played Murray's inimitable in 'Flight' Concordes" and the alpha male in "Real ghouls." Here - even more fun Character. Psycho Sam is something with something. Especially his ways of hiding from surveillance and escape from the chase.

And Taika Waititi himself played here local parish priest: he gives a speech during Bella's funeral.

There's a movie for moviegoers a few funny references to the famous paintings: "The Lord rings: the brotherhood of the ring, the Terminator, "Thelma and Louise" and some others.

In the "Terminator," by the way, is turning Paula, a social worker. She is in pursuit first directs one unpacked local police officers, but then under it goes more and more and more people: local hunters, police forces and special forces. It all looks very funny.

In the So, looked with a great Pleasure. I don't think so. special, and the picture at Waititi's It turned out to be very cute, funny and at times appeasement-contemplative. The action doesn't sag anywhere, with the finale all is well, and most importantly - the picture leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. And it's a sign of a really good Movie.


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