How To Download Any Video From YouTube With A Single Click?

You may want to watch the video later, but you won't have access to the Internet. Learn more about how to download videos from YouTube with ease. Download all videos uploaded on a channel or a playlist. High-quality mp3 and video formats. Download YouTube videos on any device.
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March 21, 2020



How to download videos from YouTube using online services?

The easiest and fastest way to download videos from YouTube to your computer is to use one of the hundreds of online services available on the Internet. All of them are similar to each other, but AidWiki prefers those that have passed the test of time.

One of those old men — which offers probably the easiest and most elegant way to download. Here's what you need to do.

(1) Open the desired video on YouTube.

(2) In the browser's address bar, add the letters ss before youtube. As a result, instead of the address of the type the full URL of the YouTube video and press enter.

(3) After that, you will be automatically redirected to the service's website, and the link to the video will already be in the corresponding field.

(4) Select the desired quality and format and confirm the download. The video will start loading on your computer.
Other proven services

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the previous option, then you can use numerous alternatives, for example: (note, there is 18+content).

Some of them offer additional features like downloading videos in Full HD and even 4K, but the General principle of operation is the same:

(1) Copy the link to the YouTube video.
(2) Insert it in the appropriate field on the service page.
(3) Select the parameters of the uploaded video (quality, format, and so on) and download it.



How to download videos from YouTube using browser extensions?

You can add a video download button directly to the YouTube interface. All you need to do is install the extension for your browser. Firefox, Opera, and Yandex.Browser" ( choose the version for Opera ). To add it to Chrome, you will first need to install the Chameleon extension, and then select the version for Opera.


YouTube Video Downloader

Google does not allow extensions for downloading videos from YouTube to the company store, so you will have to install YouTube Video Downloader manually.

Next, in Chrome, open the menu "Additional tools" → "Extensions" and turn on the" Developer Mode " toggle.
Click "Download unpacked extension" and select the folder with YouTube Video Downloader files in downloads.

To upload a video, use the extension icon on the toolbar or the buttons below the video. There is a choice of quality, as well as a separate download of audio in MP3.

The extension is also available for Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and other browsers. As in Chrome, you will have to install it manually from a file.

Other extensions

There are other plugins for downloading videos from YouTube. As a rule, they all work in a similar way, adding a download button directly under the video or on the browser toolbar.



How to download videos from YouTube using desktop apps?

How to download videos from YouTube using desktop apps?

4K Video Downloader (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu)

The 4K Video Downloader app is a more advanced alternative to traditional browser downloads, giving the user much more options:

-> Download entire playlists and channels.
-> Download videos in 1080p and 4K, as well as in 3D.
->Advanced features for downloading subtitles.
-> Download embedded YouTube videos from any page. Just copy and paste the page address, and the program will find -> the source for downloading.

ClipGrab (Windows, macOS, Linux)

ClipGrab will be a real find for fans of the all-in-one format. It has a built-in YouTube search, automatic recognition of links from the clipboard, extensive settings, and download management. Everything is simple and reliable, but unfortunately, it doesn't work with playlists.

Softorino YT Converter (macOS)

This app is for those who do not like to bother. No, it allows you to choose the quality and load only audio tracks, but its main feature is the fastest and easiest video loading.

In just a couple of clicks, you can download the video and immediately transfer it to your iOS device. Read more here.




How to download videos from YouTube using Android apps?

Google's policy on chrome Downloader extensions is also valid for Android apps in Google Play. Therefore, it is preferable to look for them on the side. This is dangerous, so look carefully at the address of the site from which you want to take the APK file.

AidWiki has collected proven applications that will allow you to download videos from YouTube to Android smartphones and tablets and will not harm your data and devices. This is the official page of the project. Choose any of the apps, but only at the addresses listed below. Downloading and installing from other sources is only at your own risk.

Watch Later.
YouTube Downloader.



How to download videos from YouTube using iPhone and iPad apps?

Starting with iOS 12, you can upload videos using quick commands. First, install the app itself, and then add the corresponding shortcut using this link.

Now all you need to do to download a video is to click the "Share" button → "Quick commands" And select the "Download YouTube" command. + Dropbox

Another workaround that has to be used due to iOS restrictions. Using the above-mentioned service we can get a direct link to a YouTube video, and use the Dropbox extension to save it to a cloud folder.

The principle of operation is as follows.

(1) Copy the link to the video using the standard "Share" button in the YouTube player (in the app or browser — it doesn't matter).
(2) Opening and insert our link in the "Specify address" field.
(3) Select the quality and click "Share" in the new tab that opens, then select "Save to Dropbox".
(4) All you have to do is select a place to save it and wait for the download to complete.

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Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Price: Free Of Charge
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This file Manager for iOS has a built-in browser. You can use it to access any online video download service (guaranteed to work with and insert a link to a YouTube video.

The downloaded video will appear in the internal download folder of the File Manager. From there, you need to move it to the Photos app folder. After that, the downloaded video will be available for viewing in the gallery along with other videos you have taken

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