How The Half Hour Theory Can Change Your Life

This method of achieving goals seems too simple. But it does work. Indeed! Look more to learn how The Half Hour Theory Can Change Your Life.
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May 15, 2020



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Nothing can replace perseverance: neither talent — there is nothing more common than talented losers, nor genius — genius-failure is already proverbial, nor education — the world is full of educated outcasts. Only perseverance and perseverance are all-powerful. The motto "push on / don't give up" solved and always will solve the problems of humanity.

If you ask me what is the main reason for all failures, I will answer the lack of patience. The reality is that success takes time. A big success means a lot of time. Richard Branson didn't become a millionaire overnight. Madonna didn't Wake up one morning as the Queen of pop music. David Beckham didn't turn into a super football player in a few training sessions.

However, there is one trick that works for any person and in any situation. Most people are well aware of it, but they never use it. It's called the theory of half an hour.



What is the essence of the theory?

Try to devote half an hour to something every day, and then, as you improve, make it more difficult.

The advantage of this method is that it is suitable for absolutely everyone and can be easily integrated into any chart.

This may mean that you will spend half an hour each day reading. Nonsense, isn't it? But this way you will read about 24 books in one year.

You can spend half an hour a day learning a foreign language or acquiring other useful skills. As a result, by the end of the year, this will be equivalent to a full six-week course!

Not bad, huh?



How to use the half hour theory to achieve success?

Get in-depth knowledge of the issue you are interested in, master new specialties, gain the missing experience. In six months you will begin to understand the chosen direction, in a year or two, you will become a specialist.

Use half an hour every day to achieve your dream.

Write a novel, study kung fu, breed rare fish, collect your racing car. Do something that you have always put off for later because of lack of time.

Six months later, look back and remember where you started. You will be amazed at how much progress you have made with 30 minutes a day.

Do not blame yourself if you deviated from the schedule and missed a few days. Just go back to your studies and pick up where you left off.

Remember: you are already doing much more than everyone else.

Be patient. Don't expect immediate results. Everything takes time. The bigger your goal, the more steps you will need.

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