How Important Is The Audio When You Do Webcam Show

Good sound during a live broadcast is sometimes more important than a picture. The sound layout can also be a major focus on your show. Learn how to avoid sound noises and create an amazing audio quality live stream.
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March 17, 2020

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Streaming Music

Should you stream music during a live performance?

It's not important but notices: this indicates you will stay longer on the website. Most people listen to radio/playlists when doing something for a long period. And?

The average time when the watcher browses in horny shape is about 11 minutes. 80% of the audience is male-oriented. 90% of males finish their naughty workout and don't care anymore. Don't signal to them you're online for a long period. Your task is to keep them close to finish but expanding the moment of the end. This will helps you to persuade them to grant you tokens before they end up.


Copyright Infringements


Sound background occasionally occur risk when we spoke for live broadcasting. Some webcam sites prohibit world music hits because it infringes on copyright and also posses an internal audio recognition feature that may automatically block your account.

This means that you have to be extra careful about what music you play while you are
online and perform live.

To avoid any
issues, play only royalty music that is free from copyrights. Usually, royalty music allows us to play and use it as a music background for free. In return, you should mention the song's composer but it's not a case every time. Many compositions haven't broadcast requirements and can be used absolutely free of charge.



Sound quality and switching off the audio


The sound quality of your show is a major responsibility when broadcasting online. Imagine how frustrating it would be to get into a room where there were loud noises. Any viewer with a sound on would stop it, even leave your room.

A good microphone is important when, instead of
typing, you decide to speak to the audience that is watching you. Suppose some viewers are muted and won't be able to hear anything from you, and maybe there's something to tell them? Probably, it's not the best idea to switch off the chatting.

Some fans browse in the muted rooms because they are not home alone.

29% of
people say they have been irritated that the model that broadcasts turned off the sound. This has several negatives:

  • this may be a signal that you have played a recorded video instead of actual live stream

  • you may not be alone or trying to hide what is actually happening in the room

83% of
the users say that when the model switches their sound on, it reminds them that they joined the room. Web sites like Chaturbate allow you to visit multiple rooms at the same time. Imagine how many tabs we could open with differ model shows and how easy it could distract us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I moan when I'm doing a show?

Depends on. If you're handling it naturally, it could excite the audience. Also, the best approach is moaning to follow the moment. For example, if you do this all the time, that seems so theatrically.

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