Hodejegerne Review (Thriller, 2020)

Learn more about the movie "Hodejegerne" released in 2020. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Hodejegerne"?
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September 09, 2020

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The Headhunters - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Hodejegerne" is a Thriller production. Director: Morten Tildum Actors: Axel Henny, Nikolai Coster-Waldau, Sinneve Makodi Lund, Eyvind Sander, Julie Holgard, Karre Hagen Sidness, Reidar Sørensen, Nils Jørgen Kaalstad, Joachim Raphaelstad, Joachim Rafaelsen, Jonnar Skramstad Sonsenkram has been produced budget of Budget: $ 5.2 million, Really powerful thriller. Review of the cat Bagel



Headhunters Review

Stern Norwegian Roger Brown (Axel Henny) has a height of just one meter sixty-eight centimeters, which for the country's tall northerners are considered shamefully little. However, Roger has a steel rod in character, so he's figured out from his youth what exactly can be done compensate for your physical Lack. Mind, ingenuity and - Money! Roger always knew he must make a lot of money -- then he will have all sorts of benefits that always brighten up even the smallest growth and disadvantages of appearance, and high northern girls will give him their Favor. 

And so it turned out. Roger studied hard, then worked hard and eventually became the owner of a famous firms to recruit top managers for largest firms. Brown is great. specialist in his field, and his recommendation for employers is the defining one. 

However, in the harsh Norwegian edge, where everything is insanely expensive, Roger all equally not enough money to live the way he wants, and besides, he seeks to fulfill any wishes of its Diana's beautiful wife (Sinneve Makodi Lund), who wants to become the owner own art gallery.

That's why Roger acquired an interesting hobby - he steals expensive paintings from his clients. The scheme has been worked out to the smallest detail. By work Brown talks to job seekers top managers and cautiously asks if they have any art objects, who visit the day at home, there's no dog and so on. Collecting information and prepared, Roger goes to work. Alarm in The house shuts down Roger's accomplice - Uwe policeman, who then drives paintings to the reseller and gets for it a significant percentage of the profits. 

This is a small hobby gives Roger a solid additional income, which allows him to maintain the house and perform all the whim of his wife, who is holy sure Brown is so good earns in his office. 

Somehow once Roger has a new client - Dutchman Claes Greve (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). He's running for the top manager a large communications company, and it's kept at home by the real Rubens - painting worth a hundred million Dollars. 

Certainly Brown couldn't get past such a meal - If you steal a picture like that, then you can at least not work for the rest of your life. However Claes in the past - a commando, and besides that he was working hard and introducing a variety of espionage Devices. So this time a hobby Roger can be deadly. 


Long I've never seen such a high-quality thriller. This film is based on the book by Y. Nesbe "Bounty Hunters," genre it for some reason refer to being a militant though it's not even near the action movie, namely thriller or detective thriller. 

Hollywood detective thrillers I usually try don't look, and one simple reason: the logic in the plots of these thrillers And I didn't sleep. You look at this case, like everything is interesting and exciting as well then you get to the end, you start in head unwinding the plot from the end to top -- and it's completely falling apart, like a house of cards. Because in Hollywood is often for the sake of spectacular plot twists sacrificing logic narrative, and at times it seems that they just hold the audience for idiots. 

In here That's not even around. In the film There's a very complicated intrigue, which at first even seems a little stretched and illogical, but here just a promotion from end to top shows how good the creators are (and, of course, the author original novel) have thought through everything plot moves. Everything is logical, everything is fine explained, almost everything is clear is part of a pattern of events. 

Acting work - especially Axel Henney and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau It's just great. Henny was more complicated than that. all -- he portrays a man with large complexes, which, however, has a rare sense of purpose and to achieve their goals - at least unseemly -- won't stop at all before Than. And when his amusement with objects of art become deadly dangerous, Roger, as cornered rat, in despair rushes at the enemy, who on all all articles much stronger than him. But Roger will do anything to survive. 

Axel Played just great, he's great Actor. See how different this his Roger throughout the film. He's a good manager, he's a great manager. patron, then a cold-blooded thief, and suddenly -- a mortally frightened man, who has faced significant superior to his power, but a little later he's so desperately fighting for his life in virtually hopeless situations that few people are capable of it.  

To me especially remembered one episode in the very beginning when Roger comes on show to Diana. When it fits get to know this Claes and depicts a warm smile on his face, and then departs -- and on his face appears expression of deadly hatred: he's the same knows that Diana and Claes are lovers. Well played, just fine!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (this Danish actor well known fans of the series "Game of Thrones" is very spectacular looked like a Claes. He's kind of handsome. but at the same time you can see that a person very, very dangerous. 

Foolish Uwe policeman - a fan of Russians Eiwind Sander, too. it turned out very well. In casting, not written, who played the prostitute Natasha, but clearly Russian -- in one episode she without any accent, I was sincerely smothered. In Russian. 

Photographed it's all realistic and pretty tough - so that viewers can properly feel the situation turned out to be the main character. And that's the approach in my opinion, fully justified. 

In the In general, the thriller turned out - wonderful. Strong, exciting, with a credible storyline and great game Actors. I loved it - Recommend. 


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