He's Acting Weird

The Story

We moved to another country together in September. We were together on holidays in Bulgaria, and he stayed 10 days longer (I suggested it myself). During this time we forgot to celebrate 16 months and my name day, and then I was very depressed. I insulted him several times then because I thought he was cheating on me, which proved me wrong. In short, it was all my fault. He came back, brought me a present, and everything was as before, at least in theory. A few days later I started to see that he had become soooooo negative, he didn't have a positive radiance, he didn't have the desire for life and success ... a completely different person at all. And definitely not the person I was dating. I decided it was temporary. I don't know how many weeks have passed, there is no change. He missed life in Bulgaria. It's always my fault, he's negative and irritable, I apologize. I hinted to him that I couldn't go on like this. It doesn't last. I am the black sheep forever. Please give me some advice. What did I not try ... P.S. in a month we do a year and a half together

Last Updated
November 11, 2020