He's 16, I'm 27!

The Story

Hi, everybody. I can write a novel about my story, but I will tell it quickly. And I hope that you will give me some advice that will help me.

So I'm 27 years old. 3 months ago, I started a relationship with a boy at the age of 16. I won't tell you the details. Big love is a big thing. I tried to stop several times because I realized that I was falling in love and that he was still very young, but he did not leave me. And so the serious part began. They recognized his parents, or rather his shirt, and problems began. She, of course, forbade him to see me and did what she could. For example, getting into beatings, threats, and more. temptable.

But he took my side. She also said she was giving it up-not to me. He tells me that we will fight to the end of this love because it is real. And that he would never give up on me. Tell me, my friends, what to do. Everyone tells me to leave it, that it's not for me, that it was very small and all of this sort. But no one knows how much we love each other and how good we are together. Can these years prevent a real and beautiful love? Only he and I believe it. if we have the power to wave against the whole world.

Tell me what to do. Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone.

Last Updated
May 13, 2020