Help? Infection Or ..?

The Story

Hello. I need urgent advice. For some time very serious skin problems. Before that, my face was like a baby's. For 5 months now I have brownish and hard things on my face (cheeks and forehead) like spots. At first they started with small pimples in the same place, but then they turned into this horrible thing that I can't explain what it is. I was a beautician, he cleaned my face, but he couldn't figure out what it was .. 1-2 days later cosmetics pimples appeared again subcutaneous and painful on the cheeks where the spots are. I was also a dermatologist. She was supposedly recommended to me, but she prescribed creams that had no effect. I applied them for 2 months and nothing. What have I not tried (homemade masks, peels, creams and generally whoever tells me that it helped him) I've heard that it may be from food. I do not eat sweet, greasy and I try to avoid dairy products. If anyone has had the same or similar problem .. please let me know. Tell me where to go and what to do, because the situation is very bad. I'm ashamed to show myself outside ... this miracle doesn't cover properly with make-up either. It's just awful: ((Help !!!

Last Updated
September 27, 2020