He Wants Us To Have A Baby, And I Don't!

The Story

Hello! I will tell my story briefly. After my divorce I met another man and we have been living together recently. I have three children, and he has two of our previous relationships. His children live with their mother and he sees them on weekends and holidays. He had mentioned while we were just going out that he would want a child from me, but now this idea has become a fix! He wanted us to have a twin to take care of together and not just be with us on the weekends. I am strongly against. I have a good job, a hobby that I love and that I want to turn into a job. My children are in a difficult age and I want to take full care of them, not to give myself over to a baby. He is adamant that this is his dream and wants to have what was desired and that "this issue is not subject to comment." This categoricalness in him offends me and means that he does not respect my opinion and desire. She also knows very well that I had a difficult marriage with a man who did not help me much with the children, but looked after himself more and now he does not care that a baby can destroy me mentally and physically. Please help. I don't know what to do. I don't want to again, but I sacrifice myself for the sake of another person ... but in fact I love him ... Faith

Last Updated
August 18, 2020