He Wants Time, Confused

The Story

I'm 19 and he's 27. For the first time I met my friend with the family, believe him, accept him, respect him, we have thought about the future since we are together, we planned to stay together for a long time.. He had the intent to propose to me further. He loves me, or so I thought, and I think. When we met, we didn't know anything was going to happen between us. He told me how he had a four-year relationship, and he was really hurt that he loved her for ruining it because she left it. Then we got together and started thinking about it if I didn't get through it, I asked him, he told me he wasn't. It's still in my mind... We were fine, wonderful. Once I went to the disco, I didn't get cool and I told him I didn't want him to go.. And it passed it as a ban. I missed the point that we're from different cities, two hours away... But for 7 months the distance did not stop us and once, saw constantly. Now because of the pandemic I went to him.. 1 month we literally lived together.. But there are days when he leaves me alone until the nights I wait for him, he's going to work.. I'm calling him says he's coming back in 3 hours.. But actually went to see friends.. is not the problem in this but that lies to me.. One day I didn't couldn't and cried myself.. And he only says, "You're a good girl, you don't deserve it, it's not my aim to hurt you." Tell him to stop doing it and he says you women made me such a.. He told me that his ex was driving him out, and I was banned... We could not have a conversation about his behavior.. The next day he left for work in another city, for three days supposedly.. He's been gone for two weeks. Do not look for me much and the HP writes.. I called him I asked what was going on, and he told me I do not know what's going on, why you love me I do not deserve and so.. From as it is there are days how you upload videos that drink and have fun with your friends.. Not looking for me does not write.. He lied to me a few times about coming tomorrow, and he's not coming tomorrow. Last night I decided to ask him, and I wrote him together and he told me yes and No.. I loved him as much as he wanted, but he was hurt when he needed someone to be alone.. I have left the time to do my job, to have stopped for now so that I don't get hurt... Did not want to leave me, but wanted to find himself.. Never thought of it. In these words I told him not to give up.. He said it's not your fault I'm the problem.. I told him to come home to talk and he didn't say anything. I told him to give me a chance and he answers, "To me someone gave me, at least I tell you and I didn't get it." I don't understand what happened, it doesn't give me peace on my head, I think it all the time.. What he wants, in fact, does not give me a clear answer.. I don't know what to do, I love them, I don't want to end it all like that. I'm not coming to give up... I'm afraid of the time he wants. Please give me some advice or some direction.

Last Updated
May 26, 2020