He Wants Me To Have A Child With Him, But To Stay Married And Look After Him In My Family

The Story

I am asking for advice. I got the concepts wrong. In short. I have had an unhappy marriage from the very beginning - without respect, without understanding, without sex, only insults and reproaches. I am 38 years old with 2 children. For 2 years I have been in a relationship with a married man who claims to love me, but at times is distant if he shares about his problems in the family. He says, "I'm not mistaken." He wants some things from me as proof of my love, which I thought was abnormal, but I got confused over time. Please for your comments. He wants me to have a child with him, but to stay married and look after him in my family. He always made it clear that he would never divorce, that his wife was perfect and that he loved her too. She says that if a woman loves a man, she will give birth to him. I get nothing from him except sex. I also instinctively want a child, but not like that ... that means changes in many directions for me. Love it. What to do What does this look like from the side?

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October 06, 2020