He Is Not Sure About Us.

The Story

Hello. I am 21 and I am supposed to have enough experience with the topic of love in our time, but I am facing a very disappointing question. It's about a boy, and he's 21 and we met online. We liked it right away. He studies his specialty in my field and our views on things overlapped as much as possible. I realized that he was moving from city A to my current city and the university where I am. At first he was disoriented and I helped him adjust and learn everyday things like where to wait for the bus and more. We met often, wrote to each other constantly and over time became friends. The music we listen to is the same and that brings us a lot closer. He says that I calm him down and that he agrees with me on a lot of things, and not by force, given that he argued a lot with people. We write to each other all day, we share many secrets. Even as a friend, he invited me to sleep with them, and regularly during the week. We eat, talk and have a good time. After the second sleep he opened the question that maybe over time this friendship was built up, I then did not stay to sleep in them and he was disappointed that I was leaving. This prompted him to ask us to clarify our feelings for each other. Then we talked and he said that over time I became nice to him and that he did not look at me collegially as in the beginning. I told him that I had different feelings and that I enjoyed being with him, I even told him that I liked him. Then he suggested that we wait and think about the situation, because the relationship was a complicated thing, and before that he had suffered a lot from his ex and was cautious. As a person he is calm, kind, motivated to achieve his goals and I would say that he has outgrown his age. Sam said that the most important thing for him is to get along with his boyfriend one day and share that they are close, except for sex, of course, which was not the main thing. He takes care of me, asks me how I am and often looks me in the eye. I think he is too scared and now he has devoted himself to studying, and that is very important for him. He says he wants to have a girlfriend, but that would happen on its own. I feel that he stops, he knows that I like him, my eyes shine when I am with him, and this can be seen. Such a boy meets once in many years, I have not met, I would even say. We are still writing to each other now. It's been a month since we talked about our feelings. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. I have been suffering for a long time, my moods are influenced by whether he wrote to me and when I will see him again. I feel powerless and I dare not open the topic to this, I'm afraid that with the conversation I will lose him as a friend, and he is valuable to me in this way. My friends make me ask him and calm my mind at last. In fact, on December 8, I decided to be with him and his colleagues. Until then, I can't wait to put up with this ambiguity, it eats me up, it's tiring to think about it all the time. Please post my story. I haven't had such a dilemma in a long time and I really want advice. Thanks.

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November 11, 2020