He Doesn't Want To Be Family With Me

The Story

I've been dating a man for five years, I've lived with him for two years, but he doesn't want us to have a family, to get married, to have children. I don't know if the reason is fear of great commitment or just a lack of love and doubts in your own feelings. He himself told me that he had been on the road to take the big step several times, but he kept dissuading himself because we had quarrels at the time, which sounds frivolous to me. He has an extremely strong relationship with his mother and for him she is the most important figure in his life and I still think that if she advises him to get married, he will listen to her, but otherwise, he will make him older. There is love between us, but this is not enough to preserve our relationship and I increasingly think that parting with him is a possible way out of the situation. I want a full relationship, not a partial commitment. I am 26 years old, as is he.

Last Updated
October 19, 2020