Has Anyone Been Cured Of Jealousy?

The Story

Hello, I am a woman of 27, my husband and I have been living together for 6 years and we have a son of 1. I have a problem with jealousy. I'm terribly jealous of my partner, especially after I gave birth. From the beginning, I thought it was some kind of postpartum depression, but ... I have to admit to you and myself that I've always been like that. The dumbest thing is that I think of myself as an intelligent woman, and I allow this awful feeling to poison me without much reason to doubt. But this is not my problem. Rather, I want to explain to myself why I am aware of certain things, when in practice I cannot apply them at all. Here, I realize that I have a problem, it is terribly harmful to my family, my husband feels suffocated, I am constantly paranoid, even going out "in a masculine" way hurts me ... this is not normal. I also realize how stupid it is to live in doubt and pain, constantly, in a situation where that I never caught my husband in adultery. In a sense, can't I live my life, and if something happens then I will suffer !! Why can't I do it? Like nothing with these thoughts, I can attract real events, if you understand me. That's why I want to clear my head of them as soon as possible, I wonder if I don't need a psychologist. I just want to live in the here and now, in my family happiness, not in fear and doubt that something might ever happen.

Last Updated
November 11, 2020