Future Dad Is Not Happy.

The Story

Hey, everybody, I don't know where to start. I'm 6 months pregnant. We've been trying to be a baby for a while. Finally it happened, a little late I realized I was already in the mid 2nd month. I thought I'd surprise him for his birthday, but alas. We underwent a January month of slight accident and had to tell my husband earlier that he was going to be a father. When we got home, I was very afraid that something had happened to the baby and I gave him the box that was in the form of a heart and in it I had put the pregnancy test, a beberon and had a photograph to put, I put the first one I had given. I gave him the box, he got a little excited, but he didn't even ask what month I was. Nothing. In a few days he had written to his ex (with which they were divided for years and she had a man and a child already), had a birthday and from the wish one part was "you will be the greatest mother in the world". I thought it was the crash and the news and I swallowed everything. Lent out enjoyed, did not want to come with me to the reviews had no time.. I found a girl's skirt yesterday. We were set up for a boy, but I was glad. I made him a clip at the AG. The night he came home, I ran the video, but I went to the stove. He left the phone on the table, he hadn't seen it and went to undressed. Somehow I saw a disappointment in his eyes. He said the second would be a boy. There were only girls on our street, there was not a boy... My husband is a chapel and I understand that he wants someone to help him in time... I also had another video of which I recorded his heart beating. I'm really upset, I think I'm depressed, I always cry, I don't feel like eating. I feel guilty. I'm unhappy. Share what you would have done in such a situation. I don't want to fight. I myself grew up without a father, but I have two brothers from another. I'm afraid of being kicked out/let the child be like me, to have no one to tell Dad...

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May 25, 2020