Furkan Andıç

Born 04 April, 1990 ( 31 years old) in Istanbul, Turkey .

What is the zodiac sign of Furkan Andıç ?
According to the birthday of Furkan Andıç the astrological sign is Aries .

Furkan Andıç's Height is 190 cm. ( 6 ft 2 ins).

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June 06, 2020

Furkan Andıç



Furkan Andych - Turkish actor, first won the hearts of tv viewers at home, then conquered fans of melodrama far beyond its borders. Talented and charismatic handsome rapidly moving to the peak of popularity, and movies and series with his participation enjoy increased attention and instantly gain high ratings.



Childhood and adolescence

The star of Turkish soap operas was born in April 1990 in Istanbul. Furkan is a Turk by nationality, although there is also Bosnian blood on his mother's side.

The actor's childhood and young years were spent in the outskirts of the city of Atashehir. The stay-at-home mother raised three sons (Furkan - middle). The head of the family was busy at work and often visited foreign business trips, providing relatives with a comfortable existence. He founded his own firm, where he held the position of CFO and administrative director.

Furkan Andych, after graduating from high school, went to Ukraine for higher education. In 2007, after studying language courses, he enrolled in the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The guy quickly realized that the chosen specialty is not his path, and transferred to the Faculty of Economics. But even then he studied only for a year, leaving his studies and returning home.

In Istanbul, a young man joined the ranks of students of Bilji University, where he studied at the Faculty of Radio and Television. In 2011 he continued his education at the Faculty of Visual Communication and Design at the University of Yedepe. All these years Andych dreamed of the stage, but on the advice of a friend turned to a modeling agency, which helped to take the first steps on television.

The handsome man, whose height reaches 1.90 m and the weight fluctuates between 88-90 kg, was willingly filmed in commercials that were broadcast on various Turkish channels. The figure of Furkan Andych is the subject of admiration for girls and the envy of men. To keep the shape of the actor helps basketball, to which he devoted 11 years of his life.




Andych's cinematic biography began in 2011, when the audience first saw him on screens in the melodrama "The College Diaries", where Furkan got the episodic role of an rustic student named Mert. The series became rating, but the audience did not have time to remember the flashed guy.

The young artist felt a taste of fame the following year. In 2012, Andych played a key character in the TV series Desperate Housewives, which starred for 3 seasons.


After this work Furkan willingly invite Turkish directors, trusting the main characters. In 2013, he appeared in the film "Escape from the Rain", in 2014 - in the melodrama "Escaped Brides." Over the next three years, the filmography of the rising star of Turkish cinema was supplemented with paintings "Offended Flowers," "Mereim" and "Sweet Revenge."

For his work in the last project in the artist's piggy bank there was the first prestigious award. Playing a key character in the comedy "Sweet Revenge", Andych for a better understanding of the role was trained in cookery courses. Now the actor pleases with appetizing dishes of family and friends.



Personal life

During leisure hours Furkan Andich is engaged in Thai boxing and surfing. He has Instagram and Twitter pages, with fresh photos of him being watched closely by fans. The actor willingly communicates with subscribers, sharing the secrets of his personal life. He admitted that he was too emotional and jealous to struggle with. The favorite actresses named Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman.

Star handsome is very popular among colleagues of the fair sex, but his wife and children have not yet got. In 2014, fans talked about an affair with Denise Baysal, a partner on the TV series "Escaped Brides." But the connection turned out to be a fiction of journalists - the pair denied the rumors.


The same story happened in 2016 when Furkan starred in the TV series "Sweet Revenge" with Leila Lydia Tugutlu. Again, it turned out that the novel existed only in the rich imagination of journalists and fans.

In 2018, Andich pleased the fans. The actor's favorite girl was a colleague Dylan Chichek Denise, a kiss with which managed to capture the paparazzi. The couple did not deny the romantic relationship. Since then, Furkan does not hide his beloved from the cameras and often appears in public.



Furkan Andych now

Now the star of Turkish melodramas continues to act, annually giving the audience 2-3 projects. In 2019, Furkan Andıç appeared in the multi-episode drama "Children of sisters", where he played one side of the love triangle. The partner of the project was the well-known actress Afra Sarichoglu.

In the summer of 2019, Furkan Andych was seen starring in the romantic comedy "Everywhere You". His film lover was played by Aibuke Pusat.




2011 - The College Diaries

2011 - "Desperate Housewives"

2011 - "I Named Her Feriha"

2012 - "The Story of cookies"

2013 - "Escaping from the Rain"

2014 - Bread, Love, Dreams

2016 - "Escaped Brides"

2016 - "Sweet Revenge"

2016 - "Offended Flowers"

2017 - "Team Groom"

2017 - "Mereim"

2019 - "Children of the Sisters"

2019 - "Everywhere You"



Net Worth

Furkan Andıç's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & much more details has been updated below.

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Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2021

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.2M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $917.9K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $56.5K - $95.9K
November 2021 $42.5K - $121.4K
October 2021 $50.2K - $110.5K
September 2021 $62.7K - $143.7K
August 2021 $49.5K - $147.4K
July 2021 $71.3K - $138.4K
June 2021 $53.9K - $140.3K
May 2021 $69.4K - $155.9K
April 2021 $64.9K - $88.5K
March 2021 $53K - $117K
February 2021 $61.5K - $156K
January 2021 $70.5K - $97.1K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2020

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $898.1K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $43.4K - $109.2K
November 2020 $48K - $93.2K
October 2020 $47.8K - $99.9K
September 2020 $57.8K - $129.7K
August 2020 $48.1K - $126K
July 2020 $60.5K - $164.9K
June 2020 $43.8K - $115.5K
May 2020 $79K - $93.7K
April 2020 $66.6K - $125.6K
March 2020 $74.6K - $107K
February 2020 $48.4K - $121.2K
January 2020 $59.3K - $135.8K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2019

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.5M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $928.8K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $59.6K - $164.7K
November 2019 $42.4K - $123.5K
October 2019 $60.2K - $136.5K
September 2019 $58.8K - $123.5K
August 2019 $61.6K - $98.7K
July 2019 $52.1K - $86.9K
June 2019 $49.7K - $86.7K
May 2019 $46.5K - $138.6K
April 2019 $82.1K - $155.7K
March 2019 $50.6K - $161.1K
February 2019 $58.2K - $115.4K
January 2019 $78K - $151.4K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2018

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $548.9K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $45.3K - $159.6K
November 2018 $71.7K - $137.2K
October 2018 $53.3K - $120.8K
September 2018 $58K - $95.2K
August 2018 $49.6K - $93.5K
July 2018 $53.9K - $147.1K
June 2018 $59.6K - $83.9K
May 2018 $66.4K - $95.7K
April 2018 $61.3K - $86.7K
March 2018 $43.1K - $160.5K
February 2018 $52.3K - $85.4K
January 2018 $43K - $100.5K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2017

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.8M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $718.3K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $81.7K - $165.5K
November 2017 $78.3K - $146.6K
October 2017 $62.2K - $129.7K
September 2017 $78.8K - $160.4K
August 2017 $59.4K - $163.8K
July 2017 $83K - $88.4K
June 2017 $58.2K - $132.2K
May 2017 $43.7K - $153.5K
April 2017 $46.3K - $139.7K
March 2017 $58K - $135.6K
February 2017 $66.1K - $132K
January 2017 $66.7K - $134.3K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2016

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.9M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $952.2K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $67.7K - $131.5K
November 2016 $68.9K - $97.2K
October 2016 $47.2K - $145.4K
September 2016 $66.3K - $140.8K
August 2016 $47K - $116K
July 2016 $56.9K - $162.6K
June 2016 $50.2K - $134.4K
May 2016 $82.6K - $135.8K
April 2016 $45.5K - $127.1K
March 2016 $49.6K - $125.7K
February 2016 $52.3K - $144.2K
January 2016 $70.2K - $135.8K


Furkan Andıç Net Worth 2015

Furkan Andıç 's revenue is $1.3M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Furkan Andıç and could vary in the range between $723.9K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $65.8K - $165.8K
November 2015 $82.1K - $124.4K
October 2015 $83.2K - $97K
September 2015 $46.4K - $152.9K
August 2015 $44.2K - $126.7K
July 2015 $69.2K - $139.5K
June 2015 $72.7K - $104.3K
May 2015 $54.2K - $147.5K
April 2015 $54.4K - $144.4K
March 2015 $60.4K - $110.1K
February 2015 $46.5K - $156.1K
January 2015 $47.9K - $93.1K


It is an overall forecast for the net worth of Furkan Andıç. The evaluation covers the latest 5 years and a approximation for next year. See above to learn how much money does Furkan Andıç make a year.

The range above shows an estimation based on evaluation generated by public information about sponsorships or other sources found on the internet. It's summarized data from Furkan Andıç' projects existing in AidWiki's repository. It's an approximation of the revenue compiled by AidWiki and may not correspond with the real amount.



The Rooftop Will Come To The Screen In Kanal D In Summer 2020

The Rooftop Will Come To The Screen In Kanal D In Summer  2020

Source: scontent.fsof10-1.fna.fbcdn.net

Mia Yapım is preparing a new series for Kanal D. The name of Mia Yapım's new series, which has done a successful job with Hercai at ATV, will be the Penthouse. Furkan Andıç, the beloved actress of the young generation, will star in the Loft. It is written that other players are names like Burak Tamdoğan, Pelin Öztekin, Renan Bilek, Bülent Seyran.

In Kanal D, the rooftop (Çatı Katı) series will be screened in the summer months. Finally, Mia Yapım is the producer of the series, which will feature Furkan Andıç, who has a role in the TV series Everywhere you, published on Fox TV. Mia Yapım is also the producer of the Hercai series, which does very well in the ratings of Atv. Information about the Loft series in our news ... Hercai, published on ATV, draws attention with its high ratings. Her main actors Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü managed to become one of the most popular names of the last period thanks to the series. Mia Yapım, the producer of the series, is also preparing an ambitious series for Kanal D.


Furkan Andıç, who was born in 1990, will be a male lead actor in the Loft. Furkan Andıç lastly played the character of Volkan in the series of Sister Children, which did not last long, and also played the role of Demir in the series Everywhere You. If there is no negativity according to the course of Tuesday, the Rooftop series is expected to be on the screens in the summer. The screenwriters of the series will be Saygın Delibaş and Fethi Kantarcı. Barış Yöş sits in the Attic Director's chair. The cast work of the series, which is expected to be broadcast on Kanal D, continues. It is written that the series has a structure that resembles old Yeşilçam films. The Story of the Rooftop Series and its actors starring Furkan Andıç, Ezgi Şenler, Yiğit Kirazcı, and Nilay Deniz, the story of the Rooftop begins with the inclusion of two foreign guests in a large and warm family. The series, written by Barış Yöş in the director's chair, written by his treatment, Barkın Şenüren, is written by Saygın Delibaş and Fethi Kantarcı, and is preparing to put a stamp on the summer screen.