Frank James Cooper

Born 07 May, 1901 ( 120 years old) in Helena, USA .

Dead on 13 May, 1961 ( 60 years old).

What is the zodiac sign of Frank James Cooper ?
According to the birthday of Frank James Cooper the astrological sign is Taurus .

Frank James Cooper's Height is 190 cm. ( 6 ft 2 ins).

Currently, Frank James Cooper is divorced.

Occupation: actor, cinema.

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May 23, 2020

Frank James Cooper



Hollywood actor Gary Cooper was considered a sex symbol of America, he played in feature films at the turn of the film age. Men watched with envy the development of the career of the handsome, and women dreamed of a personal meeting and caught every look and sigh.



Childhood and adolescence

Frank James Cooper was born on May 7, 1901 in a family of purebred Britons who left their native country in their youth. Parents were carriers of the features of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion and tried to keep the traditions formed in the old days.

The father of the future actor was a professional lawyer, as well as the owner of a vast ranch where cattle were raised. The mother was a full-fledged mistress of a spacious mansion in Helena and thanks to the wealth of her husband brought up children, not knowing the worries.

Frank, along with his brother Arthur as a child dreamed of adventures, in the archives preserved a photo, where he dressed in a cowboy costume. The guys spent a lot of time on the banks of the Missouri River, not knowing that somewhere there is civilization, urban bustle and noise.

When it came time to go to school, the younger Coopers went to England, where academic education was the main value of people. Frank entered the school with a strong teaching staff, but could not get used to the situation and did not deserve the respect of teachers.

The energetic child was irritated by primness and rigid discipline, as well as lessons in history and foreign languages. As a result, he returned to America, went to Helen a gymnasium and received a certificate of maturity by the age of 17.5.

A car accident that occurred in the middle of 1915 undermined the boy's health and forced him to leave the classroom for a while. During his recovery, Cooper began riding a horse. Despite his impaired posture, he kept himself in the saddle like a refueling as well.

Involvement in the student discussion club and interest in the visual arts led to Frank leaving the ranch and home in his early teens. He went to college in Iowa in the hope of becoming a professional artist, and mastering serious majors decided to leave for later.

During his student vacation, Frank worked as a bus driver, and then dropped out of training and became an illustrator in a newspaper. Thanks to the move of his parents to the center of cinematography - Los Angeles - an ambitious and tenacious young man pulled a lucky ticket.

In the most beautiful city in America, Cooper met with stuntmen, the meeting influenced his biography and radically changed lives. The guy got on the set of the movie about the Wild West. The fee received for his role in the episode instilled faith in the future and optimism.



Personal life

In the personal life of the Hollywood actor was a series of love novels, he met with such ladies as Clara Bow and Evelyn Brent. The handsome 191 cm tall, who weighed about 80 kg, was able to enjoy the relationship and let go of his mistresses at the right moment.

Among the celebrities whose heart was conquered by the native of Montana, were the film diva Marlene Dietrich and Countess Dorothy Di Frasso. Carol Lombard, Lupe Velez, Patricia Neal and Ingrid Bergman also made the cast of "romantic lasso" submit.

In the press spread rumors about the American's relationship with Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and her competitor Giselle Pascal. For gossip about the relationship with Anderson Lawler, an openly gay, representatives of the tabloids received recognition and "reader medal".

The longest-ever actress in the life of the artist was an actress from New York, whom film lovers knew as Veronica Balfe. The girl, who attended prestigious schools, succumbed to the charms of a man and became his wife.

Marriage with a balanced beauty helped Gary settle down, and soon in a happy family was born a daughter, similar to his mother. Thanks to Veronica's condition inherited from her ancestors, the Coopers suddenly got everything they could dream of.

Unfortunately, the temperament of the actor destroyed the acquired well-being: in early 1951, the couple divorced. After a while, Gary was ashamed of his own frivolous behavior, the lovers reconciled and for the sake of the child again converged.




Cooper's creative career began with low-budget westerns, which required bright looks and riding skills. The first experience in silent cinema was very successful, the directors noticed the guy and rewarded him for his work.

In his youth, being a sought-after actor, the native of Montana managed to star in the paintings "Horseshoe for Happiness" and "Ben-Hur: The Story of Christ." He liked to be in the company of colleagues and stuntmen, especially inspiring was the atmosphere, where there was eternal fuss.

After the release of the film "Virginets" Cooper became a star of Hollywood, success was established in the drama "Morocco", which entered the national registry. Then there was the project "Goodbye, Arms!" based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway, where the main female role was played by a young actress Helen Hayes.

In the mid-1930s, Gary's filmography was supplemented with the comedies "Mr. Deeds Moves to the City" and "The Eighth Wife of the Blue Beard." The change of role has benefited the talented diverse performer, cooperation with famous studios instantly bore fruit.

In the 1940s, the film "Sgt. York" by Howard Hawkes was considered a bright work. Critics celebrated the performance of actors, music to songs and editing. In Moscow, the demonstration of this work a decade after the release received praise and caused a real stir.

Beginning in 1947, the artist starred in such films as "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Undefeated," "At Noon" and "Veracruz." With Paulette Goddar and Grace Kelly as partners on set, Cooper was able to satisfy the most capricious and unpretentious taste of the audience.

The artist's latest works include "The Man from the West" and "Love of the Afternoon", released in the 50s. The American's duet with British actress and model Audrey Hepburn left an indelible mark on the souls and minds of the public.




In the early 1960s, Cooper was diagnosed with a tumor and had surgery at an American hospital. Timely surgery stopped the spread of metastases and gave the idol more than a year of life.

Won time the actor spent on communication with family and friends, under the curtain he went on vacation to an expensive mountain resort. The artist morally prepared and resigned himself to the imminent death, so he plunged his head into a joyful life cycle.

In the spring of 1961, Gary watched the Oscars, and all the winners and nominees greeted him. The performer received encouraging messages from representatives of high society, he was supported by the pope and the American president.

The cause of death of an outstanding Hollywood actor on April 18, 1961 was cancer. Cooper's years of work have been dedicated to a star on the Walk of Fame, documentaries and dozens of magazine articles.




1925 - Ben-Hur: The History of Christ

1930 - "Morocco"

1931 - "Stolen Jewels"

1932 - "Goodbye, weapons!"

1936 - "Desire"

1936 - "Mr. Deeds Moves to the City"

1941 - "Sgt. York"

1943 - "Who The Bell Tolls"

1947 - Undefeated

1951 - "Far Drums"

1952 - "At Noon"

1954 - "Veracruz"

1956 - "Friendly Admonition"

1957 - "Love Of the Afternoon"

1958 - Man from the West



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