The Story

Hello, I will tell you briefly. I had an affair with 1 boy 2 years ago, most of the time the connection was from a distance.. He cheated on me, I forgave him because I thought it was right after all he was a man and he had needs and I was away from him.. Anyway, we broke up the summer after I got home to Bulgaria forever because of it! I threw it all out for him! And when I think of how many victims I've had rules that didn't deserve... For me it was a tough breakup, very heavy! In my happiest days, he just told me the ending! And that was.... He started acting rude, and there was no reason, and considering he's guilty of a lot of things.... Well, now I'm fine, I have my new friend already for 1 month, and I'm fine.... I was blocking the ex in the FBB. A month ago I added it because I'm too good and I want to at least be friends, hoping he doesn't behave roughly... These days I liked my picture with my friend, I decided to write to him.. And then I asked him if he wanted to be friends, he said, "please"? How to understand?? I told him I wanted a straight, clear answer, or I'd block it again and end. He told me he had no problem with both, so the choice was mine.... What do you think? Do I block it this time forever, from the BB, and from my life? Or stop just writing to him and leaving him in the... Right now, frankly, it's just like what's going to happen, but I want to make the right decision so I don't regret it later:) I don't want anything from him, I just wanted him to be part of my life as a friend because he was very valuable to me.. Please give some advice, what to do, although I see how ungrateful I am still good with him... What do you think? :)

Last Updated
May 24, 2020