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The Story

There is no person who has not started a diet at least once in his life, all of us have become relatively well from it but for a moment. Then what, we gain weight as much as we have lost with so much effort and what we have saved from the diet becomes harder to lose. There's no point. What is a diet, for some it is restricting food, and for others not touching food at all. If we start a diet there is no escape, because we are afraid of not returning to our previous, not so attractive, but our appearance. Should we be on a diet all our lives, of course. Sport is a useful thing and each of us of any age should play sports, even at home we do not lose anything for 20 minutes. training. I am writing this in the hope that people who have read these lines will consider whether it really makes sense to start a diet and whether we need it. М.15г

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November 12, 2020