Family Quarrels

The Story

Hello, I want if I can hear the opinions of people who are impartial, because mine is biased and I can't seem to judge things objectively. I hope my story is published. It's about my mother. She left me in the care of my grandmother (my father's mother) from an early age. He only took me when I had to start school and my brother was watching him. He is 2 years younger than me. I got married and went abroad, but we still visited each other twice a year. She came to me, then I came to her. Because she had a difficult childhood, I forgave her many things, such as grievances, criticism, I tried to please her with what I could, to buy her something she needed, provided that I also have a lot of expenses and 2 children for which to takes care. Anyway, at one point I was better off materially and she seemed to get angry, she kept wondering what the other daughters were doing for their mothers, almost a hint that I had to pay her money every month to support her. She didn't care about my children at all, I left my daughter once when she was a baby and she cried, then a scandal broke out where I had been for so long, and she couldn't handle this roaring baby. Since then I have not relied on her to help me with the children, I raised them on my own without grandmothers. Anyway. At the same time, she was completely different from my brother, he was always on his toes, he was always wronged, he was still not doing well. I have nothing wrong with him, he is not bad as a person, a little characterless, and I have always tried to maintain a good relationship with him. Anyway, my mother almost instilled in me that I was living my life, and he, poor thing, couldn't get better. He takes good money, however, they go to discos, restaurants for BGN 300, clothes for BGN 500 and so it all ends. And he is still poor and unjust, and I almost squeezed, which does not give them money. I look after 2 children, and the only thing waiting for me is how to do it. Subsequently, what hurt me the most was the family apartment behind my back, without even telling me, and at one point the truth came out. I have no pretensions to this apartment, I had no intention of living there, but still shouldn't have informed me at least to know, It really ruined me, and the explanation was you have an apartment, and he does not. Ok I have no problem staying for him, but at least they would have told me everything behind my back was done. I stopped communicating with these people as if they had stabbed me in the heart. Now they're calling and they want us to fix our relationship, but I can't take such resentment anymore, lies and manipulations. Tell me who is right in this case, because I am already totally confused by everything that is happening. I have the feeling that my mother hates me and everything I do is taken for granted, and everything my brother does is almost for theology. I just feel betrayed and hurt and he doesn't want to communicate with these people. They lied to me and betrayed me, and all my life they treated me like a rag.

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November 08, 2020