Family Problems And Deteriorating Health

The Story

Hello. Until a few years ago, I played sports and had a pretty good body until I found the love of my life. But the problem is not the girl, but rather the ambitions and sick thinking of my parents. Things got serious with her, we even got married, but unfortunately my parents didn't accept her. In the beginning, they were very rude to her because they thought she was not for me and stopped my development and she suffered a lot. They really wanted me to go abroad, because people there succeeded and I "had no future in Bulgaria". Maybe they think so because they are not very successful people, I would even say that they are quite mediocre, without education and career. Maybe looking at them, I aspired to graduate with good grades and not be one (I'm an engineer, if that matters). Nevertheless, I listened to them and went abroad with my wife. She left her job here, which she liked very much, and it was very difficult, but she came with me. We earned good salaries there, but my wife and I were not happy, we missed Bulgaria and our salaries here are not bad either. When I shared this with my parents, they accused me of being slimy, my wife encouraged me to go back, and it stopped my development and the "good" life I had there. They constantly gave me an example of how the son and daughter of someone who was abroad and do you see how successful they were, because they pick strawberries in England, for example. Nevertheless, we returned a few years later and with the money saved we bought an apartment. To my great regret, we are now repairing it and we are forced to live with them. Out of courtesy, they behave well, but at times they can't hide their feelings. My wife felt it too, and she began to be quite rude to them. You can remember how unbearable it is in us, and I give myself all the money to finish the renovation of the new home as soon as possible and move out, so I do not want to look for an apartment for rent. Separately, I have to go to work, which is also responsible and stressful. The thing is, from all this, my nerves can't take it anymore. I gained a lot of weight, I gained blood, my blood sugar is at the limit, I gasp when I walk and I feel very bad and I am only 32. Also, I started abusing alcohol. I no longer know what to do, how long it will last and whether I have ruined my health irretrievably. What annoys me the most is that I was an athlete in good health and a good body, and only out of nerves and tension because of the styles and ill ambitions of someone did this happen. Maybe it's all my fault. Maybe I'm too soft and characterless,

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November 09, 2020