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Learn more about the movie "Extraction" released in 2020. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Extraction"?
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May 17, 2020

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Extraction - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Extraction" is an Action production.

IMDB rated the movie with 6.8/10. According to Google Users - 90% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Sam Hargrave

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Holshift Farahani, David Harbor, Rudraksha Jaiswal, Shivam Vichara, Piyush Khati, Randip Hood, Pankaj Tripathi, Chris Jai Alex, Adam Bessa, Wayne Blair

Extraction has been produced with the budget of Budget: $ 65 million.

Peppy, but completely unclouded by any script action movie. 



Extraction Review

Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) - a mercenary working on the black market.

He, apparently, in life has experienced some terrible loss, so many drinks and at the same time takes on any, even the most hopeless affairs.

And this case quickly turned up. Oby (Rudraksha Jaiswal), the son of a major Indian drug dealer Mahajan, who is currently in prison, was kidnapped by the people of Bangladeshi drug dealer Amir Asif (Priyanshu Pinelli). The boy demands a huge ransom, which Mahajan is unable to pay, as his accounts are blocked by the government.


Mahajan accuses his assistant Saj (Randeep Huda) of not keeping track of Ovi, even though he was instructed to keep his eye off Mahajan's son, so that Saju must now return Ovi, otherwise Mahajan's men will kill both Saju and his family.

Saju doesn't have the kind of money he can hire a group of professional mercenaries for. But he has a plan. He negotiates with Nick Khan (Golshifteh Farahani), whose squad is run by Tyler Rake, and makes a down payment.

Saju's plan is this: after Tyler Rake steals the boy from the bandits Amir Asif, Saju the boy will be intercepted and brought home. Then he will not be able to send the second tranche to the group Nick Khan and he will be acquitted before Mahajan.


The action film, commissioned by Netflix's Sam Hargrave - stuntman and director of combat scenes in many famous action movies, in particular in the pictures "Avengers: Final" and "Explosive Blonde", where, I note, fights - that's just very, very impressive. As a stuntman, for example, he replaced In dangerous scenes Chris Evans in the film "The First Avenger: Another War." For Sam Hargrave it is, by the way, a directorial debut, before that he staged only a few short films.

The screenplay was written by Joe Russo on the Cuidad comic, which was created by Joe and his brother Andy Russo, writer Ende Parks and artist Fernando Leon Gonzalez. By the way, Joe Russo is just an experienced director: together with his brother Andy, he staged "The First Avenger: Another War", "The First Avenger: Confrontation", "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Final". Actually, just during the filming of the last movie "Avengers" Joe and told Sam Hargrave about the idea to produce a similar film.

The idea was liked by the management of the streaming service Netflix, which is now actively invested in the production of expensive full-length films, and the creators of these films, as a rule, provides complete creative freedom. According to the scenario, there was to be something in between "Reid" and "John Wyde", the main focus was on chases, shootouts and battles, so that the candidacy of Hargrave, who all perfectly knew how to put, Netflix quite arranged.

As it turned out, Netflix did not lose. For the shooting of the film allocated a solid budget of $65 million, the film after the release of the first four weeks showed as much as 90 million views, which the studio considered a great result, and they've even talked about the sequel, although initially it was not planned, and Hargrave in the interview said that, they say, swayed all these endless franchises, so they tried to make a piece, a one-off product.


By the way, in the original picture is called Extraction, which in this case most accurately translates as "Evacuation", but Russian distributors to the film for some reason gave a cumbersome name "Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue." Why would they do that? Did they know it was going to be a franchise, and they were preparing the ground for "Tyler Rake: Back to Hell," "Tyler Rake: Not His War" and "Tyler Rake: Again Deuce"?


But back to the movie. What did they do?

On the one hand, it is quite a typical action movie with a terribly primitive scenario: stole the boy, the task to bring him back - hopeless, but Tyler is not looking for easy ways, he would have a harder job - he got this case. All that is possible, went wrong, now Tyler will almost in a hopeless position somehow breakthrough and save the boy. Michigan, of course, will be a very nice and cute guy, despite the monster-daddy, Tyler, of course, some old wounds associated with his child, so Tyler to save the boy brutally destroy under a hundred police and military, and kill about a dozen more of the same boys who work for Amir Asif.

In the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, absolutely everyone obeys and works for drug lord Amir Asif, including the top military leadership, and Amir himself pleases the eyes of the audience with a constant change of very beautiful and spectacular half-peppers in the spirit of "A Thousand and One Nights".

However! The plot of the plot, but purely staged is action, action, action, and once again action, where just during the viewing little thought about what is happening here, in fact, happens. And this is not Marvel's superheroes, where everything is drawn on the computer and looks though spectacular, but still very cartoonish. Here the emphasis is on realism - as in "Reid" and in fights in "Explosive Blonde." The camera involved in the action, constantly monitoring Tyler's movements through the narrow corridors, apartments, stairs and roofs, the frenzied rhythm of the gan-fight at close distances, battles with knives, fists and everything that will turn under his arm - it makes an impression.


In addition, there is an eleven-minute action scene, filmed in one plan, as if without mounting glues. Here's an interesting two-minute video about how this scene was filmed. Director Hargrave himself climbed with the camera on the hood of one of the cars involved in the chase to shoot it all.


However, I note, there are a lot of other action scenes, looking very realistic and filmed with the maximum effect of presence.


The style of the film is emphasized hard, brutal. No jokes like in The Avengers. And Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title role, is also very serious, but he knows how to have fun in the picture, especially when in the director's chair sits Taika Waititi.

But here his Tyler - a perfectly trained, very can-have man, survived a terrible tragedy that makes him indifferent to mortal danger: he is simply not afraid to die and perhaps even wants it.

Hemsworth is in great physical shape and in all these fighting scenes, set brightly and spectacularly, looks great.

The boy Ovi played well Rudraksha Jaiswal: the boy turned out to be very touching, while not at all pathetic - he held with great dignity and really wanted to be rescued.

Randeep Hood as Saju, who is practically the third most important character here, is also good. He has a lot of fighting scenes, especially during Saju's confrontation with Tyler, and he was not lost there even at Hemsworth level.


And I loved Golshifteh Farahani, an Iranian by origin, who played the head of the mercenary squad. Incredibly spectacular woman, she and in combat scenes (Tyler somehow need to be rescued) looked very worthy. By the way, Golshifte could have played Tamina in "Prince of Persia": she was invited to London for a film audition, but before the flight, the Iranian authorities arrested the actress at the airport and banned six months to leave the country - because of her filming in Ridley Scott's film "The Totality of Lies".


This picture of critics is usually compared to "Reid" and "John Wyp." In my opinion, this film is still closer to "Reid" than to "John Wick". In "Reid" almost the entire film a group of special forces stormed the house of a gang of drug dealers and at the same time passed through a specific hell. And in John Wick a muddy ruffled killer nicknamed Baba Yaga raked the cradle from three, then put on a black suit and went extremely implausible to roll out of all the trunks of the next half of the ruffled mafia of New York. Keanu Reeves, well aware that his character no bullet will take by definition, no emotions did not bother, and just went back and forth, in packs of people. For John Wick, however, came up with this chic decadent hotel "Continental" and it was really cool, but only that.

There are no decadent hotels here, and insight, the skirmishes are noticeably more realistic, Taylor's indescomity is much lower, although its elements, of course, are present - no man is able to go through this - and it looks all, in my opinion, much better than "John Wick". yes, the script is primitive, the head villain is caricatured, and he's got the whole town under his command, but Hemsworth is a lot more charismatic than Keanu Reeves, so my sympathies are on Tyler Rake's side.

You will not lose anything if you do not watch this film, but as an unclouded action movie, staged with unconditional skill in terms of action as such - it is quite a worthy representative of this genre. Bublik and I did not regret that it was watched, thus becoming 90,000,001 and 90,000,002 viewers of this picture on Netflix.


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