Everyone Should Undergo Psychoanalysis

The Story

Psychoanalysis is a method of psychotherapy that aims to bring out the painful moments of a person's childhood pushed to the subconscious. I suggest that every second person undergo psychoanalysis with a psychoanalyst. To do this, there must be many psychoanalysts and it will be necessary for the other half (each of the two) to study psychoanalysis. Thus, half of the world's population will be psychoanalysts, and the other will be treated by them. But since everyone needs to undergo psychoanalysis, this means that psychoanalysts will also have to go to other psychoanalysts and there will be a merry-go-round that will lead to a reduction in psychopaths. There will be no need for psychiatrists or drugs. Everyone in the first grade must undergo psychoanalysis and so on for the rest of their lives. In this way we will create a healthy society, without mental problems and pushes, without oedipal complexes. We will live in peace and bliss. So I suggest.

Last Updated
October 17, 2020