Elena Mironenko

Born 24 June, 1981 ( 43 years old) in Stary Oskol, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Elena Mironenko ?
According to the birthday of Elena Mironenko the astrological sign is Cancer .

Elena Mironenko's Height is 169 cm. ( 5 ft 6 ins).

Currently, Elena Mironenko is married.

Occupation: screenwriter, writer, blogger.

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January 29, 2021

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Her motto: "Beautiful people read me." Some read her books and notes, others hate her. One thing is indisputable - Lena Miro is known as the scandalous blogger of LiveJournal.

Lena Miro is a creative pseudonym, her real name is Elena Mironenko. Elena was born in Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, studied well at school. After leaving school, she entered the Faculty of Translation of Voronezh State University, successfully graduated from it.

In the 2000s, Lena studied at Cambridge College, earning money by organizing discos for compatriots in London. After returning to Russia, she worked as a simultaneous interpreter in Moscow. She now lives in the capital.




Lena Miro is a top Live Journal blogger and writer. She says that she came to LiveJournal to promote her novels. The debut in the literary field took place in 2010: the publishing house "Amphora" released two books by Miro at once. Then there was the adventurous and largely autobiographical novel "Malvina and the Cattle", after which popularity came to the author. Fans appreciated Miro's witty and light style.

On February 24, 2010, Lena started a page in LiveJournal, where she registered under the nickname miss tramell, in 2011 her entries were regularly included in the TOP of LiveJournal. In her posts, Lena shares the scandalous details of her biography and criticizes all the phenomena that displease women: both political or social phenomena, and individuals.

Scandalous popularity was brought to her by a record about "disgusting old women" who made it difficult for her to move around Moscow. This post by Miss Tramel made a lot of noise. An article about him appeared in Komsomolskaya Pravda. Incidentally, in the same recording, Miro announced that she was a member of the United Russia party and was using cocaine.

The writer often uses an offensive tone and is absolutely not shy about the expressions on her blog. Lena Miro mocks her LJ colleagues. In April 2013, almost 12 thousand people subscribed to her magazine, and a year later her blog took fourth place in the TOP.

Lena Miro pays a lot of attention to fitness and a beautiful body. He believes that addressing readers "fat pigs" motivates more than polite words. Lena Miro does not bypass her fitness attention and stars.

One of the brightest critical posts on this topic was the entry about Maxim Galkin. Lena Miro compared the artist to an old grandmother. The writer said that in photographs from a vacation in Jurmala, he looks like he is surrounded by unwanted grandchildren, from whom he wants, but cannot escape. According to the blogger, it is these family hardships that negatively affect the figure of the humorist.

It should be noted that most of the press, as well as the inhabitants of the Baltic coast themselves, speak with affection about the married couple Galkin and Pugacheva, who regularly went on touching family walks with children.

In general, Lena Miro is distinguished by her love of discussing the personal life of stars, and with active speculation of spicy details and family problems. The blogger said that Tatiana Navka returned from "boring America" ​​to Moscow to plunge into the party life, and told the subscribers the details of the skater's private life.

And the actress Christina Asmus provoked the writer with just a photo on Instagram with a new haircut. Lena Miro wrote a detailed post in which she explained why a new haircut is a sign that the actress is definitely cheating on her husband. Similar posts are left by the writer about other celebrities.

Miro does not ignore political scandals. She published critical materials about the governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov, did not stand on ceremony in comments about the exaltation of Joseph Stalin.

The scandalous blogger is often invited to television, which she willingly uses. It is not uncommon for Lena to provoke other participants into conflicts on live broadcasts or on recordings of programs. Lena Miro also promotes herself at other venues. Tens of thousands of fans have subscribed to the writer's account on Instagram.



Personal life

Nothing is known for certain about Lena Miro's personal life. She prefers not to advertise her, explaining that everyone has the right to immunity. Unlike numerous colleagues who make shows on their divorces and love stories, Lena considers this unworthy, preferring not to disclose the details of her personal life.

As for hobbies, Miro loves traveling. The rest of the time he devotes to work.



Lena Miro now

In 2018, the main topics of Lena Miro's blog were the scandalous Olympic Games, the US statement about Russian interference in the elections, Oscars and other hot news topics.

Lena Miro accused Olympic champion Elena Isinbayeva of lack of patriotism for going to give birth in Monaco against the backdrop of how the world community treated Russian athletes, depriving them of the right to compete under the Russian flag.

The blogger also highlighted the situation with the discussion of Russia's interference in the American elections and the subsequent scandal with the Belarusian model, who said that she had heard a conversation between Russian politicians and businessmen discussing plans to influence the elections. In the post, Miro did not skimp on insults and even profanity, and also expressed a rather pro-Trump position.

The Oscar ceremony became an occasion for the writer to once again talk about beauty and slender figures. Lena Miro complained that written beauties no longer walk on the red carpet, speaking sharply about the appearance of actresses, and subsequently launched a discussion among readers about their attitude to such a trend.

At the same time, in other topics, the blogger is indignant that not professionals or talents come to various professions, but people who are taken for irrelevant merits, but in relation to the acting profession, this position does not show.




2010 - the book "Malvina and the Cattle" 2010 - the book "School. Marla's Diary "2010-present - miss_tramell's blog in LiveJournal 2012 - the book" Rusty Water "2012 - the book" Two Mojitos in the Rain "2012 - the book" LJ ... oops! beach uniform for one-two-three with a fitness blogger "2018 - the book" I'll lose weight "



Net Worth

Elena Mironenko 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

Let's check, How Rich is Elena Mironenko in 2021 ?


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2022

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $ 1.9M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $ 597.2K - $ 2M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $ 44.6K - $ 152.1K
November 2022 $ 44.9K - $ 83.5K
October 2022 $61.8K - $146.9K
September 2022 $83.2K - $161K
August 2022 $54.4K - $136.3K
July 2022 $65.3K - $140.8K
June 2022 $81.1K - $161.4K
May 2022 $64.6K - $132.8K
April 2022 $82.5K - $160K
March 2022 $52K - $160.6K
February 2022 $75.5K - $156.9K
January 2022 $53.2K - $125.4K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2021

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.2M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $521.9K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $71.2K - $127.5K
November 2021 $42.1K - $126.8K
October 2021 $64.6K - $92.6K
September 2021 $72.1K - $142.6K
August 2021 $61.6K - $163.1K
July 2021 $76.3K - $83.4K
June 2021 $73.8K - $139.6K
May 2021 $75.3K - $88.9K
April 2021 $62.9K - $166.1K
March 2021 $45.1K - $105.9K
February 2021 $65K - $163.9K
January 2021 $49.1K - $98.9K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2020

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.9M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $650.6K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $53.9K - $165.6K
November 2020 $70.9K - $131.4K
October 2020 $52.2K - $133.6K
September 2020 $64.1K - $103.5K
August 2020 $69.6K - $147K
July 2020 $66.2K - $89.1K
June 2020 $64.2K - $160.8K
May 2020 $43.3K - $119.6K
April 2020 $74.7K - $103K
March 2020 $73.9K - $146.7K
February 2020 $65.8K - $103.1K
January 2020 $78.7K - $165.8K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2019

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.6M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $847K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $71.5K - $90.6K
November 2019 $49.5K - $96.4K
October 2019 $50.2K - $124.9K
September 2019 $59.5K - $162.6K
August 2019 $57.2K - $98.6K
July 2019 $73.1K - $85.4K
June 2019 $43.4K - $98K
May 2019 $60.5K - $100.9K
April 2019 $79.6K - $100.5K
March 2019 $66.6K - $85.7K
February 2019 $82.5K - $118.9K
January 2019 $45.9K - $101.1K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2018

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.9M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $783.8K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $78.3K - $133.9K
November 2018 $56.4K - $136.5K
October 2018 $65.3K - $151K
September 2018 $63.2K - $127.6K
August 2018 $70.4K - $102.9K
July 2018 $69.7K - $140.6K
June 2018 $55.7K - $92.7K
May 2018 $49.7K - $166.4K
April 2018 $45.6K - $116.6K
March 2018 $43.7K - $96.5K
February 2018 $65.7K - $114K
January 2018 $75.5K - $117.4K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2017

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.1M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $633.7K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $76.1K - $125K
November 2017 $82K - $121.3K
October 2017 $78.6K - $134.2K
September 2017 $70.7K - $100.4K
August 2017 $83.1K - $89.2K
July 2017 $69.1K - $128.3K
June 2017 $60K - $139.4K
May 2017 $42.5K - $151.3K
April 2017 $74.6K - $92.5K
March 2017 $56.6K - $117.9K
February 2017 $59.4K - $110.2K
January 2017 $59K - $149.7K


Elena Mironenko Net Worth 2016

Elena Mironenko 's revenue is $1.9M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Elena Mironenko and could vary in the range between $729.4K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $73.1K - $147.9K
November 2016 $49.2K - $130.2K
October 2016 $82.6K - $140.7K
September 2016 $46.4K - $104.8K
August 2016 $49.2K - $125.6K
July 2016 $73.5K - $99.1K
June 2016 $74.4K - $115.8K
May 2016 $75.9K - $131.3K
April 2016 $83K - $131K
March 2016 $49K - $110.1K
February 2016 $46.5K - $121.1K
January 2016 $77.4K - $125.7K


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