Ekaterina Murashova

Born 22 February, 1962 ( 59 years old) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Ekaterina Murashova ?
According to the birthday of Ekaterina Murashova the astrological sign is Pisces .

Currently, Ekaterina Murashova is married.

Occupation: writer, psychologist, biologist.

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December 06, 2020

Ekaterina Murashova



Ekaterina Murashova teaches parents to find a common language with their own children for a quarter of a century. A practicing family psychologist examines the complex tangle of relationships between "fathers and children", but sometimes during lectures he raises rather light, but necessary topics. For example, the woman opened the spring of 2018 with a meeting with her parents, in which she discussed the question of what to play with the kids today.

Ekaterina Vitalievna is the author of dozens of psychological books and works of art that has been pleasing readers since the end of the 80s. They even made a film based on the story of the Petersburg writer.



Childhood and youth

Екатерина родилась в Ленинграде 22 февраля 1962 года. С раннего детства девочка начала проявлять способности в литературе – из-под ее пера вышла первая повесть, в которой главным героем выступил кот по имени Дервиш. Умное животное отправилось в дремучую тайгу, где помогало советским геологам, а однажды даже совершило подвиг – лично насмерть загрызло двоих басмачей. Затем школьница сочиняла рассказы о сверстниках, об их приключениях и мечтах.

Подводя промежуточные итоги жизни, Екатерина Вадимовна вспоминала, что никогда больше, чем в школе, она как писательница не была популярна. Тетрадки-рукописи облетали одноклассников и даже уходили далеко за пределы родного класса. А оттуда нередко попадали и в руки к учителям с директором. Девочку приглашали на ковер к руководителю школы и пытались выяснить, кого же она посмела описать в рассказах.

After school, the future psychologist entered the Leningrad State University at the Faculty of Biology, and 10 years later at the same university she received a diploma in the Faculty of Psychology. The woman's track record is impressive: she worked as a winder at a factory, as a zoologist-embryologist at the department of the institute, looked after animals in a zoo and a tent circus, and was listed as a researcher at the Institute of Experimental Medicine.




In the whirlwind of adult life, Ekaterina Murashova did not abandon her writing career. For 30 years a scattering of books has been published, but the author still does not consider himself a writer; he considers literature to be an exciting hobby. Some of the works were published under the pseudonym Natalia Domogatskaya.

When the girl was 28 years old, the first story "Talisman" was published, which was published as part of the collection "Friendship". Then other works of art were drawn: both light reading and raising acute problems of society.

The writer wrote adventure books for children, popular science books for adults. The author's circle of interests also touched on history - in the works "Prophetic Oleg", "Afanasy Nikitin: a story about a Tver merchant", "Prince - a sorcerer" entertainingly tells about the fate of great compatriots.

Ekaterina Vitalievna joined the group of authors of the "Baby's Encyclopedia" project, which included several series of different directions. Murashova introduced young readers to the biographies of famous artists, while in an accessible fabulous form.

By the beginning of the new millennium, Ekaterina Murashova began writing books on child psychology, helping parents to understand the child and find ways out of difficult parenting situations. These literary works are far from scientific treatises, the woman does not give abstruse advice to mothers and fathers, her books are entertaining reading based on professional experience.

Ekaterina Vadimovna was one of the creators of a specific genre that was not yet widespread in Russian literature - she presented readers with stories about the simple everyday life of a psychotherapist. The books "Your Incomprehensible Child", "Treat or Love?", "Children-mattresses and children-disasters", "Exam for parents" gained particular popularity.

Ekaterina Murashova knows how to talk with the reader in a calm tone, and most importantly - find the right words. In “A Little Letter to the Reader About Anything,” the psychologist encourages and gives advice in case of losing heart:

In 2014, Murashova's creative biography was adorned with the adaptation of her work. Based on the story "Class of Correction," the beginning director Ivan Tverdovsky shot a teenage drama, where he showed the piercing first love of schoolchildren and the cruelty of growing up children. In the center of the film is the wheelchair-bound Lena Chekhova, played by Maria Poezzhaeva.

Russian film critics were delighted with the work of the director and literary material, for which the author took all the details from real life, including the biographies of the characters. The film scored many victories at various film festivals.

However, before that, the story had an unenviable fate. The “correction class” raised the questions of adolescents so sharply that the publishers did not dare to release the work. So the manuscript was gathering dust for three years in Ekaterina Vadimovna's desk.

However, even the unpublished story was appreciated by critics. Murashova in 2005 sent the "Correction Class" to the International Competition for Children and Youth Literature named after A. N. Tolstoy and received the Second Prize. A year later, the work was awarded the National Children's Literary Prize "Cherished Dream". In 2007, the work was finally published.



Personal life

Concerning her personal life, Ekaterina Vadimovna does not really apply. In the questionnaires and interviews, he succinctly replies that she is married and raised two children with her husband - a son and a daughter.



Ekaterina Murashova now

Now you can meet with Ekaterina Murashova personally in one of the St. Petersburg children's polyclinics. The woman is a practicing family psychologist who consults on a daily basis.

In addition, Ekaterina Vadimovna maintains a personal blog on Livejournal and columns in other online publications, raising issues of raising children. The psychologist and "live" meets with parents, arranges fascinating lectures at city sites.





1989 - "Talisman" 1991 - "He won't come back!" ("The strip of alienation") 1991 - "The little drum is me" 1992 - "Raisin" 2004 - "The door always open" 2004 - "Correction class" 2005 - "Afanasy Nikitin: a story about the Tver merchant" 2008 - "Guard of the alarm" 2010 - "One Miracle for Life" 2008 - "Forgetting the Name of the Moon" 2008 - "Queen Maud Land" 2008 - "Orphanage"

Child psychology

2002 - “Your incomprehensible child: Psychol. problems of your children "2003 -" Children-mattresses and children-disasters: Hypodynamic and hyperdynamic syndrome "2005 -" Memory - for five! " 2014 - "To love or to educate" 2014 - "To treat or to love?" 2014 - "Exam for parents" 2015 - "We all come from childhood"



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Ekaterina Murashova Net Worth 2021

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Ekaterina Murashova Net Worth 2018

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