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Learn more about the movie "Duelyant" released in 2016. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Duelyant"?
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June 13, 2020

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Duelyant - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Duelyant" is a Production Drama production.

IMDB rated the movie with 5.8 / 10.

According to Google Users - 85% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Alexey Mizgirev

Actors: Pavel Tabakov, Yuri Kuznetsov, Sergey Garmash, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Alexander Yatsenko, Peter Fedorov, Vladimir Mashkov, Julia Hlynina, Francis Petri, Martin Wuttke, Dmitry Lysenkov

Duelyant has been produced with the budget of Budget: $ 11 million, Charges in Russia: $ 6 million. My hero is obsessed with a high goal. Of course, this is a story of revenge and the path to oneself. When I read the script, it immediately seemed to me that this was all about me. What we are talking about on the screen worries me. I would like to be like my character.

Starring Peter FedorovPlus - well-thought-out - almost half of the text is pronounced in German. The steroids 'historical reality' comes to life from this speech, it becomes - this is a paradox - absolutely understandable and consecrated. Mizgirevskaya riskiness, excitement made of “Duelist” something much more than just a good and fascinating film. He began the history of mass cinema from scratch. He showed an alternative way.

The types in the film are spelled out very vividly, even somewhat posteriorly, and represent the opposition, immediately fraught with conflict: wave and stone, ice and flame, honor, and meanness. The exalted and romantic craving for conflict is the very essence of the era, very accurately captured in the film. And those who do not agree should be called to a duel. Katya Zagvozdkina A detailed review of the cat BagelFrom such a concentration of honor in one place, I already nearly fell asleep all over.



Duelyant Review

By about this film a lot of writing and talked long before his exit. The A powerful Russian blockbuster; Film Year there will be a world premiere; Will Showing in Toronto; arthouse director, winner of "Kinotavra" and "Minotaur" And Bucentavra; Huge budget gangster Petersburg, no stranger Notions of honor; the century before and all Is. In short, Guy Ritchie with his Sherlockholmes Nervously smoking!

For the film, delighted in articles, director Gizgirev found and bought In Europe, real old duels Guns. How many people have shot these weapons, written with delight authors of articles, how much blood we've seen the old muzzles! But the director wanted to see the actors a real, unimagined world.

For this picture, they wrote in the articles, Vladimir Mashkov learned to ride Bike. Two months of stress Effort. Because the bike is old, can only drive in a straight line, and for the plot was extremely important to the hero Mashkova didn't go in a straight line - he's not like that. Straight man!

Peter Fedorov, after reading the script, immediately realized that's about him! He wanted to be similar to his character, he's two months before the shooting, he killed people in duels, to understand what he thinks and feels it hero, and a two-liter bread wine a day. Oh, though, it seems to be the same They didn't write.

In general, I was waiting for this picture with a Great Look. No matter what, I'm still I'm rooting for Russian cinema. I'm worried about Him. It is clear, of course, that in Russia removed a wild amount of all sorts junk and that's often on set just stupidly laundered money, but sometimes so it's nice to get caught happy exception when you see that They can do it! It can be extremely rare but still happens.

(Epic.) And I waited for the exit of this movie, and I watched it. And I was in greatly perplexed, for, on my View, Mizgirev had some kind of Its complete set.

Script this movie is so delightful idiotic, stupid and ridiculous, that I would not refuse myself in the pleasure of making a brief outlining for those who have this movie or already looked, or vice versa, not going to look. The rest of the text below is better not to read, because it, of course, contains top-secret officer information honor and high spirits.

In the film itself, the events set out somewhat chaotically -- well, it and Understandably, it is necessary to catch up with the fog. But I'll give you it's all set out clearly, slenderly and in order From egg to chicken.


So. When hereditary nobleman Kolychev (Peter Fedorov) was a young man, with a curly head, then he is, as it should be aristocrat of the time, went to the hussars. And here kolychev once sat in officer's meeting, eating the bullseye with vodka, and there was a ranting someone Count Beklemishev (Vladimir Mashkov) - the identity is dark and suspicious. That's what I'm doing not to mention the fact that no one knew why Beklemishev, not being an officer, sits in an officer's meeting.

It the graphic count was broadcasting that, they say, all officers must fight in a duel. For without this officer will not be an officer, but a dog deadly. Young and hot Kolychev retorted to the Count himself that not all such beasts like him, and some poetically soar, have a soul as tender as a flower, that's why they don't want to fight in a duel. (What, note, particularly touching sounded in officer's mouth, which Kolychev, unlike Mr. Earl, just as he was.)

No Count Beklemeshev objected, since you - a nobleman, you have the honor. And the honor requires blood -- it's you aristocrat will say, at least at night his Wake.

"No one will force me to shoot!" said Kolychev proudly, junior lieutenant, young guy, the sworn-in king of the father-in-one that he's going to shoot someone who The bosses will point out.

Here Count Beklemeshev has built a Hulu on the glorious Kolychev's mother, but even then the youngest lieutenant didn't shoot the count, he said, that such a pig doesn't deserve a bullet, but deserves to be beaten with sticks and further withering in order to obtain health-healthy ham.

Count, they also tried not to shoot Kolychev, but they promised that the junior lieutenant will greatly regret disrespect that he showed by the attitude towards the count, without shooting him for offensive words about Mother Jr. Lieutenant.

Junior lieutenant's gone, and the count of the rest officers commanded "Fire!" and these decent people have become struggling throw apples at a woman standing at the walls: it is just such fun to be taken At the officer's club.

After this count took under the arm of his clover Juncker, and offered him to visit Kolychev's mother to abuse her. You know, Junker. He just comes to the old house aristocratic surname, abused over the beautiful madame aristocrat - then it was fashionable.

However, characteristically, Kolychev, upon learning that The Ostrich had abused his mother, disapproved of his behavior, erupted and shot Junker right on the street, without even going to the front room.

Count Beklemishev announced Kolychev's police unit, followed by Kolycheva stripped of the noble title, condemned as the killer, they put a thousand spitzrutens on him and exiled by a simple soldier to the Aleutian Islands where the king-father is fire and sword subdued the audacious Aleuts.

And Kolychev's abused mother when she declared a man of low origin, could not stand the shame and threw herself out of the window right onto the pavement. Her face twisted to one side, her nose and lips moved, the ear fell into the skull, left hand to snore - in half, right hand I'm shooting in half, that's what these the pavement is driven.

On Kolychev hosted the Aleutian Islands cold baths, and the shaman-aletoka treated suffering by popular means and even spoke of the bullet, shaking magic scraper and scraping it Kolychev's scraper.

Kolychev cured, scurs edited the dead man's documents Officer Yakovlev and began to impersonate Him. He returned to Peter and as it south of the aristocrats, began to perform With circus tricks: a shot from the belly Kolychev made a magic ricochet, who's been stitching anything but parts of Mr. Kolychev's body.

Also, Kolychev dreamed of returning his last name lost noble dignity, for what was saving money to make it a nobility, As usual in the Russian Empire, buy with bribes to the officials: Well, you know, honor and dignity are the same It's expensive.

But such money for a bribe by one circus is not earned, so Kolychev took Earnings: Commissioned by the mysterious Kolychev's men participate in duels instead of other people and duel ingress these certainly wins, as his the shaman-aletok spoke. True, bullets it gets into it at times, but they themselves clog an artery or even spank in the images that Kolychev recalls the abused mother- You can't kill kolychev's way.

Besides, he's like a horse, and that contributes to the fact that no bullet-incurable infection in Kolychev did not Delay.

However impersonating Yakovlev Harder and harder: Brother Yakovleva raised the issue of Kolychev in officers' assembly -- they say, it's an impostor posing as his late brother. But Kolychev quickly found a way to provide strong evidence: he's playing right in the meeting with his brother. Yakovleva in Russian roulette - one a six-shot cartridge. After a couple of blank shots brother Yakovleva concludes that Kolychev - It's brotherly, in kind!

But apart from the goal of restoring their honor and Kolychev's good name also faces a challenge to deal with the old enemy - Count Bechlemish, a tweed, by an order which was abused by his mother and Kolychev's honor was lost. What Kolychev prevents you from meeting Mr. Earl somewhere in the alley and shoot him in the forehead - It's not known for sure, but apparently it's the case. it would be too easy.

Then Kolychev clicks on a vile German Baron (Martin Wuttke), who brings him orders for a duel, and he admits that the orders are just from Beklemishev and Come.

Was that the count had long missed the parent inheritance and estate, so that lives on the contents of the great princess Alexandra Josephovna (Francisa Petry), who teaches the graph German. And the Count figured it out. Cunning thing. He's been stuffing a bunch of people everywhere. money, and as soon as it requires money return -- substitutes the lender under the duel, his own money pays for services Kolycheva, and that poor man in a duel and Targets.

The graph's closest plan is to frown Young Princess Marfa (Julia Khlynina), heiress of a huge fortune, but to him interferes with the prince's brother - Prince Tuchkov (Paul Tabakov).

With Tuchkov carried out a deft maneuver: his planted to play poker on a small with the unbreakable baron, and he at some point tells the prince that he owes Ten Thousand. The prince is sure that more than five he did not lose rubles by appropriations, and pay refuses, and times refuses - perhaps to a duel. And Kolychev immediately arrived another Order.

But Kolychev already knew that customer - Beklemishev, so during the duel spared Tuchkov and deft circus ricochet edited the second Tuchkova, Beklemishev's creation.

Count Beklemishev was furious when he found out who actually carried out his orders. And then he hired two binduzhs with bludgeoned them each for three roubles appropriations, commanding over them delivered a one-armed disabled man (Sergei Garmash) - and sent to break the heads of the Tuchkov and Kolychev. What got in his way do the same with your other victims -- incomprehensible at all, but, Apparently, it's just an officer's thing. Honor.

Tuchkov's head was broken, Kolychev, as usual, turned out and in once again promised to destroy Mr. Earl.

In the morgue goodbye to Princess Martha's brother came in a touching dress with translucent tits, and then when Kolychev told her about his unhappy mother who has nose and lips moved, it's touching co-duped with a stern duly in the carriage In the middle of the street: these are the aristocrats, underuse.

A what Interestingly, Kolychev failed using a huge bribe to recover his honor. An official from the commission restoring the lost honour (Dmitry Lysenkov) and would be happy to get rich for a hundred thousand that Kolychev had allocated for this God's business, but here's the bad luck - ober-prosecutor petition will never sign because Count Beklemishev personally requested no Kolychev's honor cannot be restored, for Unworthy.

Well All, Kolychev's lid was ripped off. He rushed to look for Beklemishev, who at that the moment he dined at the Grand Duchess in the Hermitage. Lunch passed very sublimely: the princess with Bechlemishev ate various dishes and wine, and there was a Russian aristocracy and behind all this respectfully observed. Kolychev broke in into the room, defused the personal Count Rotmistra's bodyguard Chichagova and imprinted his face Beklemisheva to the table, demanding satisfaction.

The dog you, jackal lousy, says Mr. Count, you're nobody and you can't be called, so there won't be a duel for you, squalid, snout Here. Nicht duel, nich, echoes him The Grand Duchess, whose dearest her current lover.

Here in the bushes quite by accident The dead man's brother is discovered Yakovleva, who is his officer honorably swore that Kolychev was Yakovlev is, a nobleman from all sides, Gentlemen, I'm telling you for sure.

There's nothing to cover for the Count, so Beklemishev and Kolychev shoot straight in the Hermitage Hall at the wall: without leaving, so say, from the box office.

Bullet sent by an unshuddering hand vile Count, Kolycheva hit her right in the heart. But as usual, saved the image, and besides the bullet pinched the artery, so courageous sufferer managed to shoot the count of his vile liver.

And now with Princess Martha, they go to the blue distance, and they are waiting for exhilarating honeymoon on the Aleutian Islands. Evil is punished, honor is saved, justice prevails. Amen.


A what You think I made it all up, can't be on such delirium Russian blockbuster? No, I didn't. that's the way it is, and he can see it. anyone, having seen this schydevre.

However, for the completeness of the picture I note that in Hollywood movies and It's crazier, but it's not it's quite clear why imitate the worst samples, not the best.

In terms of the vaunted "historical authenticity" about which even there's some criticism, it's all pretty lousy. It's not Peter 19. it's something quite disvemean.

Especially I was pleased with the room in which for the sake of being filmed and the officer's club, and the grand princess's reception hall in The Hermitage, where many Events. The style of the design room resembles a cross between the hall Railway Man, Roman Caesar's times, and the Reich Chancellery. It looks so caricatured, what seems to me, gentlemen, that Misgirev filmed a comedy.

With Clothes are all pretty fun too. But it's and it is clear: the money was not gardens, clothes were collected by theatrical workshops that match the style They didn't bother much, so there's very funny looked dresses on lightning, and when the inconsolable princess Martha came to the morgue to say goodbye to brutally murdered brother in A dress from which it is touching shone through her tits - we're here with a cat The bagel was just swayed with delight.


Well, and they didn't bother with everything else. Completely. Unless guns duels got as if those times. And once there are pistols, the rest - trampling it Horse. That's why Kolychev walks with hairstyle "Long live disco of the eighties" and with a speech, Peter 19th century Gizgirev as a screenwriter doesn't steam out of principle considerations, and in general with the dialogues, he straightens strictly and militarily, so that sounds amazingly oaky. "Radi love for you, princess, I will kill anyone. Even you" - what a delight! Well, just a charme, Sharman!

Peter those times made in the style of 'recently there was flooding, so there was water around, half-naked people build and swim something on boats, and the rain pours without ceasing." Well, okay, let's say. But here's why opposite Isaac's are building whether tower bridge over the Thames (it was already built-in Sherlock Holmes" Ritchie), or a bridge for New York subways - I don't know. But it looks Spectacularly, yes.

With acting, everything is here. more than average, although the actors are busy really good.

Peter Fedorov is a good actor and tries all but with such an idiotic script from his character is very hard to do something a little less cardboard. Fedorov trying to breathe life into this hero, but this occupation is enough Hopeless. And I hope the phrase "I would like to be looking like your character" he uttered only as ordinary nonsense that speaks actors for the promotion of the picture.

Mashkov - the actor is good, very experienced. Of all the Force plays graph-reiscus. But infernal villain here is not pecks out, the plot base is not enough. And it reminded me of how utterly idiotic Hollywood action movie "15 minutes of glory" Mashkov played Russian Plumbing. Played honestly, with a full Impact. But to look at it was somehow Embarrassing.

Julia Well in much brain-brain exhaustion gleefully chirped about how she was glad she got the role, how she dreamed of playing the princess, and how she gave herself up and the role in the carriage.

So Here, actress she's just no, princess Martha is such a disgrace that You can't tell you. And the character is something. utterly ridiculous, well, let's give credit Khlynina - more talentless to play this It was impossible for Marfo, just really horror-horror.

Good actors playing here all sorts of secondary-third-tier roles, a little brighten up a common madhouse, creation on the screen, but pull out the picture they are certainly not able to.

Well, and I was somewhat surprised by the fact that some critics have particularly appealed attention to the work of Maxim's operator Its precipitation. Yes, Maxim's enemies sawed-off two-thirds of the three-year-old's tripod of his camera, so ninety percent of the scenes shot off the bottom points that created extremely amazing angles. But I still don't get it. what was the basic artistic idea? Models at fashion shows usually take off from below - it lengthens their legs. And that's why to lengthen Mashkov's legs and Fedorov, I don't really understand.

More The sedimenting likes to fill the horizon - so, in his opinion, the frame looks more dynamically plus viewers have to tilt your head, and this develops the cervical Muscles. And sometimes it does fill up. camera under ninety degrees -- apparently it's such Fashionable modern shooting style. So, a good operator, an innovator like me Believe.

What we have as a result? In my opinion, the movie is completely failed. Some kind of It sucks! With a terrible scenario, more than the average game of actors and full lack of immersion in Peter means the 19th century. But this is my personal opinion, many viewers and critics liked the film, and some even sing to the director Eulogies.

Well everyone has the right to their own opinion. I've expressed my opinion.

P. S. At the box office, by the way, completely failed. It's weird, usually. many viewers like such nonsense. Brutal men; Officer's honor; bullet fool, bayonet well done; Princess with aristocratic tits; Dc Hall "Railroader" made-up under Caesar's palace. What else is needed Asked?


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