Domestic Violence

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I am ashamed to be a victim of domestic violence. This shame stops me from taking the necessary measures. My son is 15, I talked to him that I want your father to divorce, he cries and begs me "Mom promise not to marry dad" I'm ashamed that it will be heard that I am divorced and the child will it's a shame too. I am a teacher by profession, I stopped working due to stress, I only sit at home. I know my rights, I know everything how to act and where to go. I am stopped by the shame and pain that the child will cause and experience. He is an excellent student, a wonderful teenager, I am afraid I will stress him out. When I tell him that I am thinking of breaking up with his father because he is behaving badly with me, he starts crying and begging me. My heart breaks to see the child begging me like that and that stops me and also the shame of society, how the child will feel most of all. I ask for advice from good and competent people. For the second time in both my hands, I have bruises from being pushed and hit by my husband. And my psyche is almost crushed. The worst thing was that he attacked me today after my kidney crisis was not over. The reason for the violence is that I sought help from the police after he drove several times drunk with me and the child in the car, since then he became angry with me. The other reason is that he was an alcoholic and I made an inhuman effort to cure him. I didn't have to tell doctors and psychiatrists and his friends about his problem and ask for help. I had to be patient and silent because his mother was silent and patient when his father drank and beat her. The threats he makes to me are terrible, I don't even want to write them. The truth is that he is cowardly, he only attacks the weak. I'm terribly confused, I don't know what to do. I am ashamed to be a victim of domestic violence. I am ashamed, that I have connected my life with an inhuman being deprived of humanity and morality. How can I go and tell the police and the court these ugly truths - I am indescribably terribly ashamed! Shame and terrible heartache - just nowhere! Last Updated December 01, 2020 Author: LiteAd Comments 1 jhulia_ answered There is no shame. He should be ashamed of his actions. For the child you can contact a psychologist, it will help him to look at things from another angle, he is no longer small. No woman deserves such treatment, no man deserves his wife to stand by him and wait for the great change, because it will never happen. Believe me, my mother was abused, now she has been happily divorced for 8 years. She found love again, understanding from society and the people around her. Don't even think about it, but divorce and live your life, because there is only one and no one will give you back your wasted years. Good luck. (female 24)
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December 01, 2020