Do You Want To Behave Or Haughty?

The Story

Hi! Please help me. In today's world, my entire environment is with inflated and high-dimensional people. Only my family treats me as acceptable. Very often I feel alone and unmasked. I can't get involved anywhere, or if I do, my girlfriend's going to shove right in there and make sure no one's paying attention to me, and it's always her. A while ago she had a hell of a lot of problems I always helped her, and I listened to her, and now her life is sorted out and everywhere for everything is made interesting. I can't say anything from her. We spend all day together all day. School morning and then afternoon workouts. He's just using me... I just want a real-valued friend who respects me and understands me. I don't know how to behave haughty or well in both cases it's my fault. Please give me some advice:).

Last Updated
May 24, 2020