Do You Feel Inclined To Cheat?

The Story

The theme is this: in short of 5 years we are together with mine and before you start to glue my labels of the variety "whore" "woman, who cheats and does not like the real" I will tell you that I have never cheated on him, and I will not allow myself to cheat on him because I love him spiritually like no other person in the world, he is my closest man when I have no friends and people to rely on and with him, we have common Interests and literally just before it I can be 100% myself. You will think that if it is only spiritual I love him friendly, it is not in any way friendly because he is the person I want to spend my time with every day to live with, honestly this with no one else I can do and I can not relax like that. You do not know us and you can not know, but I assure you that a stronger emotional connection with no one, I will not have. It's just that the love I feel for him is just like two of the closest souls, but I don't have an attraction. Things are so I guess many of you know that feeling "butterflies in the stomach" when you're madly in a crush on someone. But these feelings are temporary and pass through all relationships. And they pass to spiritual love. But! Do you know this no matter how much you love the person next to you, sometimes you miss the moments when you were madly in love, those falls and flying through the clouds. Which for your mate has long been resolved? You know that in this forum you are all anonymous so at least here there is no need to make all the world's water unasked. There is no need to condemn and attack me, I believe that here is the place where you can confess all those who weigh it on their conscience, all who understand me what I'm talking about, not bad and confess if you have cheated even though you know how much you love your mate. Because the reason for cheating isn't always because you're a jerk who doesn't care about spouse and the like, doesn't always mean that you're a "whore" or a "womanizer," but just those people have given themselves to the thrill they miss. Because again, admit it boldly, do not be fooled-the the butterflies in the stomach area only a temporary feeling. In other words, people are not monogamous. Just the evolution, the discovery of psychology, and so forth. It has come to us to make ourselves and to define themselves as monogamous, but our biological nature is not. That everyone eyeing on others when the thrill blow over is clear, here are three options:


1. To lookout for the likes of you object, but only so far. To refrain from dating.

2. Deciding to find a way to meet the likes of you, to have such a pleasure to make him and you to attract, to embroider for him, to strive to impress him, to be friendly, but to think with your head and, in any case, not to want a relationship with him or intimate contact.

3. Give yourself to the infidelity. I act the second way. I would never cheat and abandoned my husband, again saying it, if I do the heart will hurt me daily for the rest of my life maybe because as much as beautiful men have, no one absolutely will ever replace it in my heart!!!!


It's one thing to fall in love with someone else to love. The other thing is I'm terribly ugly and I know no one would like such a thing as me. When I try to sympathize with someone, I try to conceal my ugliness with a bunch of makeup. Just in front of my friend I can be myself, and I know I'm going to feel sorry if I lose him, I know he's the only one who thinks I'm beautiful as I am, even when I'm not with makeup, I'm fat and ugly. This is also my sick side in very rare cases I manage to make my likes to notice me as a friend even because I am not an attractive slender leggy chick model as are all the other young girls.

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May 26, 2020