Do I Have A Reason To Panic?

The Story

Hi! I'm just passing the problem. I have recently met a man, wonderful, wonderful, etc. For now, everything is going well, but I feel kind of unstable. Not that he gave me some kind of occasion or something, except I'm such a panic and I'm starting to get a movie about everything, I haven't been in a relationship in a long time or had such a relationship because I decided to give myself a break to heal from past trauma. Here's the stupid moment. I generally believe in astrology, and right now is not the most successful period to create such relationships and beats me panic even more because I really want from this to come out something beautiful. I realize how lame it sounds, really, I just can't calm down, I'm getting worried for a few days. We're about 20, both of them if it matters. Everyone is telling me to calm down, not to think that what happens is going to happen, no matter what I do, but I just can't sit in one place, I don't want to be disintegrating the fragile relationship anyway. I've waited so long to meet someone I like, not only am I not alone, and he likes me and him... And so. Thank you for your time!

Last Updated
May 23, 2020