Do Boys Loathe Stretch Marks?

The Story

Hello. Since I started puberty, I have had several sudden weight loss and weight gain, as a result of which I have stretch marks on my thighs (on the inside and on top of the outside), two lines on the side of the abdomen and a few on the buttocks, but not on the cheek: D and inwards. At first they were bluish-purple, but over time they also faded from the sun, but they are still felt to the touch and can be seen without looking very much. I was personally shocked. I found that other classmates of mine had similar problems, especially those with dry skin. We girls are crazy about such things, but my question is to what extent do boys pay attention to them Is it unpleasant for them to touch them, is it disgusting or does it not matter to them? Thanks in advance. :) Ж16

Last Updated
October 20, 2020