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The Story

Hello! I feel different and I've always felt that way ... I don't know why at 18 years old. I am from one of the big cities in Bulgaria. I don't have many friends, and those who do have a feeling that they don't care about me at all, and I don't have a girlfriend. In general, I am surrounded by many people, but I can't find a girlfriend .. I'm not ugly, fat or dumb .. I train martial arts. And my life in general is school, trainings and that ... And my friends go out, but I have to either call them to call me or just see them somewhere .. Sometimes I asked them why they didn't call me their next outing, and they told me "you're not leaving you" or something like that .. It's true that I rarely go out, but just after training believe me, it's not in most cases until I go out, and they smoke, they drink, and I don't ... I'm a good student at school,

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November 10, 2020