Did I Do The Right Thing With Her?

The Story

Hello! About 2 hours ago I broke up with my girlfriend. she is smaller than me and this is a slight problem. we are both very stubborn but I still love her and she claims she loves me too. We have been arguing a lot lately until 2 days ago I found out about one of her lies (no matter what). Then we quarreled again. And although I was affected by this lie, I did not change and my feelings remained the same, and it changed ... I felt it inside me. And so today we started writing to each other on Skype again, and again we quarreled over something. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to be with me ... she told me she wanted to be with me but not as much as before ... I didn't like that answer and that's why I offered to give her some time and if she felt that she misses me to write. she doesn't know why she took it as a breakup, though I don't want a breakup, she accepted it and told me that I had made that choice myself. I told her that after a while I will write to her but I don't feel like meeting again ... :( I don't know what to do .... before she claimed so much that she loves me and suddenly she changed a lot .... Suggestions ?

Last Updated
November 12, 2020