Derealization - Can Anyone Help?

The Story

Hi, I'm a girl of almost 20 years. The problem I wanted to share is about the so-called derealization. Until recently, I didn't even know it was called that, but after looking for a little more information I found articles describing this condition. The problem is that I don't know which doctor to go to and in general it is difficult for me to describe how I feel because it is quite strange - as if I am in a dream and everything around me seems unreal. I know where I am and what I do, but it's as if everything is far from me, as if when I'm talking it's not me - it's not my voice, it's not my body, and sometimes it even bothers me with louder noise or light. There used to be moments when I could feel good, but now there are no such moments and this condition is 24/7. Unfortunately, here in Bulgaria very few people are familiar with the problem and most, who write were stuffed with drugs and there was a temporary improvement. I will be happy for someone who feels like me or has overcome this condition to write, if there is any treatment at all.

Last Updated
November 11, 2020