Darren Hayes

Born 08 May, 1972 ( 50 years old) in Брисбен, Австралия .

What is the zodiac sign of Darren Hayes ?
According to the birthday of Darren Hayes the astrological sign is Taurus .

Darren Hayes's Height is 178 cm. ( 5 ft 10 ins).

Currently, Darren Hayes is однополый брак.

Occupation: композитор, поэт, певец.

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October 20, 2020

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Darren Hayes won the hearts of fans with shrill lyrical ballads. The Australian singer and songwriter began his career in the duo Savage Garden, and then took up solo work. The performer's talents were not limited to this. In 2015, the man appeared before fans in a new role - as a stand-up comedian. Now he gives concerts in different parts of the world.



Детство и юность

The singer was born on May 8, 1972 in Brisbane. In the family, Darren was the youngest of three children. From an early age, the boy became interested in music, demonstrated artistry. When Hayes was 11, he began to sing in the choir, went to concerts of local bands. In addition, the teenager participated in school performances and at the same time managed to be a diligent student.

In 1987, the student attended a concert by his idol Michael Jackson when he came to Australia on the Bad Tour. Having seen live performances of the king of pop, Darren realized that he would connect life with the stage. In his youth, Madonna, Prince, Annie Lennox and other stars also influenced the formation of his musical tastes. After school, the young man became a student at a teacher training college.



Личная жизнь

The personal life of the performer has always attracted the interest of the press. In 1994, the artist married Colby Taylor, a makeup artist with whom he had been in love since childhood. Despite the reciprocity of feelings, the couple did not live long in marriage. In 1998, the young people broke up, and in 2000 they officially divorced. Hayes was very upset by the breakup, many songs from the second album Affirmation are dedicated to this.

#ThrowbackThursday: Darren Hayes and his husband, Richard Cullen on their wedding day in 2006. How I love this ideal couple :)

Even when the singer was married to Taylor, there were rumors about his gay orientation. At the beginning of the new millennium, the performer decided to remove the veil of secrecy from this topic and made a come-out among relatives and colleagues. The artist Richard Cullen, whom Darren met in 2004, became the vocalist's beloved.

The couple began to live together, and after a law was passed in California, where the singer had moved by that time, allowing same-sex marriage, men legalized the relationship. In July 2013, their wedding took place. The artist announced this event on his official website.




In 1993, the guy came to the casting for the Red Edge group, where a vocalist was needed. As the artist later admitted, he didn’t sing very well at the audition, but the musicians liked him more than two dozen other applicants. The team performed covers of popular hits, were popular, but a year later Hayes decided that he wanted to try a different musical direction.

Together with the band member Daniel Johnson, the young man began to write his own songs. The producers became interested in the duet, and in 1995 the guys started working on their debut album. For their project, Jones and Hayes chose several names, eventually settling on Savage Garden ("Wild Garden"). The musicians took this term from the novel "Vampire Lestat", created by Anne Rice.


The first track I Want You immediately showed that a unique team appeared on the stage. The subsequent singles, and then the release of the disc, named after the group, quickly brought popularity to the Australian performers. Soon Darren left for the States to promote the album and give interviews.

Daniel chose to remain in the shadows, saying that traveling tires him. The guy handed over the role of the team leader to Hayes. At the same time, the musicians, being on different continents, did not stop writing new songs, exchanging creative ideas by phone or via the Internet. The first song recorded remotely was The Animal Song. The song hit the top lines of the world charts, and the group's fans started talking about the second album.

The disc was not long in coming - already in November 1999 Affirmation delighted music lovers with stylish and bright hits. Many tracks on the disc reflected Darren's experiences in his biography: at that time, the singer was divorcing his wife. Despite the frenzied success of the team's projects, creative differences soon arose between Johnson and Hayes.

It was difficult for musicians living on both sides of the ocean to come to an agreement on many points. As a result, this led to the fact that in 2005 the Savage Garden group ceased to exist. Darren took up a solo career. Shortly before the collapse of the duo, the musician had already released his own disc, Spin. The lyrical ballad Insatiable became a hit number 1 not only in Australia, but also in the world. The songs Crush, Strange Relationship and I Miss You were equally successful.

In 2004, the vocalist released his second album, The Tension and the Spark. In it, there was a departure from the previous style of Hayes's songs: more electronic components appeared in the music, the sound became colder, more rocky. From the point of view of artistry, the disc turned out to be progressive, ahead of its time. However, the artist's fans were disappointed: they expected to hear the same tender and poignant pop ballads as in Spin.

The third disc, This Delicate Thing We Made, was released in 2007. Some of the songs included in the album were co-written with Robert Conley. Introducing a new project, the performer embarked on a large tour of The Time Machine Tour. The singer has given concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and the State Theater in Sydney.

In 2009, Darren delighted fans with the news of the release of the album We Are Smug. The tracks are mostly electronic, with heavy beats. Conley's voice can be heard along with the Australian vocals. The singer was dissatisfied with the result, reworked the tracks and released the disc in mid-2010.

Giving concerts, going on tour, the artist never stopped preparing new material. In 2011, the public heard the Secret Codes And Battleships disc. The singer also included a cover version of Madonna's song Angel. In the fall of that year, Hayes embarked on The Secret Tour.

In addition, the musician started creating several clips for the album's compositions. In 2015, Darren decided to move away from music and took up stand-up.



Даррен Хейз сейчас

In 2020, Hayes performs in the standup genre in clubs. In addition, the musician is invited to various events related to charity. The announcements of these concerts are posted on the official website of the Australian. There are also photos and videos related to the vocalist's work. He communicates with fans through social networks, giving preference not to Instagram, but to MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.




Savage garden

1997 - Savage Garden 1999 - Affirmation

Solo creativity

2002 - Spin 2004 - The Tension and the Spark 2007 - This Delicate Thing We've Made 2009 - We Are Smug 2011 - Secret Codes And Battleships



Net Worth

Darren Hayes 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Darren Hayes Net Worth 2021

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.8M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $876.1K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $74.7K - $110.7K
November 2021 $50.7K - $142.5K
October 2021 $56.7K - $123.7K
September 2021 $71.7K - $122.9K
August 2021 $56.9K - $119.3K
July 2021 $64.5K - $87.1K
June 2021 $50K - $159K
May 2021 $64K - $107.2K
April 2021 $80.7K - $112.5K
March 2021 $81.4K - $91.8K
February 2021 $69.2K - $104.7K
January 2021 $81.1K - $143.5K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2020

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.7M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $770.7K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $74.6K - $103.7K
November 2020 $80.3K - $130.7K
October 2020 $82.7K - $135.9K
September 2020 $81.7K - $129K
August 2020 $75K - $120.4K
July 2020 $72.4K - $164.7K
June 2020 $73.2K - $139.6K
May 2020 $46.7K - $93.9K
April 2020 $81.7K - $119.3K
March 2020 $46.9K - $157.3K
February 2020 $64.7K - $92.8K
January 2020 $57.8K - $131.3K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2019

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $806.7K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $73.6K - $150.5K
November 2019 $68K - $152.9K
October 2019 $64.9K - $146.7K
September 2019 $58.8K - $92.2K
August 2019 $56.3K - $116.4K
July 2019 $65K - $131.3K
June 2019 $70.1K - $134.3K
May 2019 $79.8K - $165.8K
April 2019 $74.4K - $108.2K
March 2019 $68.7K - $96.5K
February 2019 $70.1K - $106.3K
January 2019 $80.9K - $106.2K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2018

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.5M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $747.9K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $70.9K - $141.9K
November 2018 $47.1K - $105.8K
October 2018 $79.1K - $133.4K
September 2018 $78.1K - $102K
August 2018 $48.5K - $162.4K
July 2018 $44.7K - $128.5K
June 2018 $71.8K - $137.4K
May 2018 $78.9K - $142.9K
April 2018 $52.3K - $121.9K
March 2018 $46.9K - $147.8K
February 2018 $54.7K - $137.5K
January 2018 $58K - $97.7K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2017

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.8M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $813.8K - $1.8M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $53.3K - $108.1K
November 2017 $80.7K - $135.9K
October 2017 $72.6K - $86.6K
September 2017 $75.7K - $111.9K
August 2017 $62.5K - $132.7K
July 2017 $62.3K - $115.7K
June 2017 $48.1K - $146.3K
May 2017 $55.4K - $121.2K
April 2017 $80.9K - $129.7K
March 2017 $47.1K - $140.7K
February 2017 $46.2K - $153.4K
January 2017 $78K - $144.7K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2016

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.9M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $583K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $42.9K - $108.4K
November 2016 $48.6K - $154.1K
October 2016 $41.9K - $100.3K
September 2016 $67.8K - $159.5K
August 2016 $78.6K - $95.4K
July 2016 $82.7K - $100.7K
June 2016 $45.8K - $132.9K
May 2016 $56.8K - $116.6K
April 2016 $47.2K - $136.4K
March 2016 $73.7K - $106.3K
February 2016 $50.5K - $100.5K
January 2016 $77K - $114.5K


Darren Hayes Net Worth 2015

Darren Hayes 's revenue is $1.5M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Darren Hayes and could vary in the range between $946K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $50.3K - $103.5K
November 2015 $42.9K - $158.3K
October 2015 $69.7K - $135.5K
September 2015 $45.8K - $96.6K
August 2015 $78.3K - $160.2K
July 2015 $68.4K - $140.5K
June 2015 $45.2K - $85.8K
May 2015 $62.3K - $120.2K
April 2015 $66K - $117.7K
March 2015 $58.2K - $101.3K
February 2015 $67.3K - $147.6K
January 2015 $51.9K - $114.5K


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