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C(R)Ook - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "C(r)ook" is a Crime Comedy production.

Director: Pepe Duncart

Actors: Moritz Bleibtroy, Henry Hübchen, Korina Harfuh, Nadezhda Brennik, Roland Dühringer, Karlheinz Hackel, Paulus Manker Kumulative Allphasenumsatzsteuer.



C(R)Ook Review

In the the quiet European city of Vienna lute Mafia. And the mafia is not simple, and Russian! Runs all this mafia to the pain Russian man named Constantine Dashaev (Karlheinz Hakel). He's got nearest handyman - a certain Oscar Baroshnin (Henry Hubchen), adoring Cook a variety of complex culinary Dishes. At some point, Oscar decided jump off -- I'm sick of him all this mafia life, and Oscar's girlfriend demands that he be done with the past. Constantine is dissatisfied with Oscar's decision, however not going as they say Russians, stick his fingers in the wheels, so Oscar is allowed to move away from mafia affairs, but at last he must perform one small but Responsible errand: dunk Konstantin's former son-in-law - frostbitten Hungarian Leo (Paulus Manker). Soak the insolent need to be carefully, effective and with dignity, but so, to the whole criminal world of Vienna Shuddered.

Leo - the man is quite nasty, however Oscar doesn't want to wet him. Not from some. sentimental urges, but simply because Oscar's girlfriend will I'm not happy, because Oscar promised to quit. That's why Oscar faces a difficult task: and Eintopf to eat, and on "Volkswagen" ride -- in the sense that Leo's going somewhere remove, and from the Constantine smelters a bullet Don't slack.

And The lads meanwhile lead behind the Oscars close observation. It's Russian. Valentin (Moritz Bleibtroy) and German nicknamed Belmondo (Roland Duringer). They seem to be Oscar's henchmen but actually spy on him on Constantine's orders. Especially among the boys passed the vile rumor spree about what Oscar passed in publishing a book under "Secrets" where it seems going to reveal all the secrets of their Profession. And this, of course, has been a thing of the same It's a blatant rat!'

So the fate of the Oscars hangs on Balance. Wherever you throw, as they say Russians, everywhere splints...


Movie pretty bumpy. It started out as a broken bloody action movie with pretty controversial humor, and I was even going all it's an ugliness to turn off. But then somehow swung, and somewhere from half the movie went in at all quite a cool black-haired comedic action.

Funny that there are a lot of "Russians" in the film (their appearance is usually accompanied by Oleg's songs Savchenko). True, this Constantine Dashayev (the surname looks more like Chechen) is as similar to Russian as and the public cat, but Valentine's performance of almost the Russian Moritz Bleibtroy - I'm sure it'll break Applause! Actually, this Valentine - the most colorful character in the picture, because the main character oscar, in general, nothing special is - a man, as they say, without charisma.

And Valentine - oh, that's the real one. Mysterious Russian soul! Well, yes, he's a thug. But the bandit is subtly sensitive and no stranger some philosophical insurances from series: "I wonder, this freak at once slap or first kick it kicked to death?" Valentine is a seductive man. He seduces sexy beauty Diana (Hope Brennik) and tries to find out Ladies secrets of the Book of Oscars. Love Line Valentina and Diana filmed in a very energetically-romantic way, which will give great pleasure lovers of beauty.

Also very pleased Leo (Paulus Manker). Well, he's such a kindy lunatic scumbag that It's a pleasure to look at it! Yes and Leo's accompaniment is a huge thug named Tyson and transvestite best any nickname - adds color to this ensemble of lonely hearts.

Most cool episodes - with the participation of Bleibtroy: Valentine with Diana and Valentine with his Belmondo's blunt accomplice. But some scenes with the Oscars also pleased -- namely the ones where he cooks. It is filmed with such taste (pun intended) and with such a love for the cooking process different exotic dishes that if you're going to have to watch a movie on an empty stomach, you can't get over the hungry spasms.

Plus - every appearance of Leo always promised very exotic to which this character was big special, as well as a couple traditionally dumb-headed cops quite amused the audience.

I'm going to take a while. It's quite a funny comedic fight with with obvious scythes to the classics of the genre, however, at certain points, it is quite Original. At some points, on my look, pressed with naturalism, however a number of episodes -- just gorgeous. Fans of black-and-dark militants comedies to watch even necessarily -- it's quite a decent representative.



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