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This article will show you how to create own radio station with RadioKing. RadioKing is a french cloud-based service for distributing tools for broadcasting internet radio online.
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February 20, 2020

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Who is RadioKing?

RadioKing is a french startup company that offers turnkey tools for developing a successful radio station online.


In 2020, RadioKing has 981 active radio stations that broadcast all around the globe, according to BuiltWidth. The company has reached a review rate of 4.4/5, pursuant to TrustPilot. The research has been based on 250 previous and current customers having internet radios broadcasted on RadioKing.



What is RadioKing exactly?

What is RadioKing exactly?

RadioKing provide a cloud-based solution for streaming radio/podcasts. As a summary, it allows uploading all music, shows, podcasts on a server that is 24/7 active. With their stunning tools, you'll be able to schedule interactively the songs and configuring programmed breaks or going live as a DJ or a radio host.

All this could be achieved with a few clicks and that's not everything that they can.




More than internet radio...

More than internet radio...

RadioKing tools are not limited to radio programming. They have many advantages that we're going to consider.



You can embed your radio everywhere. From external websites to mobile applications. Actually, this does not advantage, because most cloud-based services like RadioKing deliver similar functionality.

Their player is compatible with almost every device and it's mobile-friendly. It may display currently played song or recently played songs.


You can share your radio on Facebook or Twitter with ease.

Also, Radioking allows listening from independent software (players) such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.).


Managing the radio from any platform

Whether you use Windows or Mac, you can manage your internet radio station with a simple browser wherever you are in the world.



Listeners may send you a recorded announcement as feedback or apart of the radio show.



Thanks to detailed statistics, you can obtain accurate information about your listeners and get a better understanding of what they like and how to improve the results.

Live Software

The software is free to use and could be installed on Windows and Mac. It gives you an opportunity to host live shows.



Converting listeners into website visitors is just a child game. With a few clicks, you can setup radio website. RadioKing understands the business, so they prepared for you different templates (with various color schema) that are responsive and perfect for any browser and device.  Other amazing features come from the Website Builder: games and contests, voting systems, comments, live chat, social sharing. And the greatest thing - RadioKing offers excellent hosting for your radio website, updates and 99% guarantee of no downtime.


Mobile Apps

Creating mobile apps could make exposure to your visitors. Thus, they cover Android and iOS-based platforms and regular updates. Publishing on the platforms is no big deal. Just like any other app on AppleStore and GooglePlay. Especially for mobile apps, RadioKing developed options for purchasing tracks/podcasts and whatever you broadcast. 

Also, Push Notifications could be enabled. Plus, you can send notifications on particular geo-based listeners and to schedule the time when they should be sent.

As well as the radio website tool, RadioKing provides diverse templates (designs) for your application.

Like any other app, you can monetize it with already integrated Admob ads.



Cheapest offer on the Internet

RadioKing is the cheapest solution on the Internet.  We will compare Live365 and RadioKing and their low-paid packages.

Note: The following prices may change anytime.

Radio Prices

  RadioKing Live365
Listener Hours Per Month 20,000 1,500
Storage 5GB 1GB
Simulated Listeners Unlimited 100
Commercial Rights - USA, UK, CANADA
Approximate Allowed Listeners* 40,000 3,000
Price $24 $69

* Based on the average time on the radio of 30 minutes per listener. And also, data for provided listener hours per month.


Radio Website

RadioKing offers $16 per month or $599 one-time fee (lifetime). Don't forget, if you have already a site, you're not required to pay for RadioKing website solution.


Mobile App

$59 for mobile apps on Google Play and AppleStore. For beginners, you may choose $29 a month for Android App.


After all, you can get your radio started for just $24 a month and then upgrade.


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