Complexes Due To Zero Lubrication

The Story

On the subject straight - 17 years old, I'm a boy, obviously. In 3 months I will turn 18, but I have a problem looking at classmates, acquaintances and people on the streets in general - they all HAVE BEARDS, I know it's next to GEN, I know very well let me not be told by another 100 people. But it's terribly annoying for me at least 26 people in a class, for example, 13 boys and all of them with beards, thick mustaches, and only I can't even let go of a pathetic thicker mustache, I have, but it's terribly reduced and someone will say that it is pure moss! I feel terribly funny with this dull smooth face, with these fluff, instead of at least a little thicker facial hair, I have hair everywhere - Armpits, Chest, wherever I need it. I feel like this 10-year-old with this lack of facial hair, and to some extent I even look like that. I tried different and recommended types of vitamins, food,, way of life even the result is-ABSOLUTELY NO. This complicates me precisely, after 3 months as an adult, and with a baby face ... Would any of those who will read this advise me on how I can and how it is easiest to stimulate this growth, except waiting.

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November 11, 2020