Complex Because Of An Ugly Nose

The Story

  I'm 14, a girl and I need an opinion! I have a nose problem. It's very long and hooked, with a big hump in the middle! Many people have told me that I am beautiful and sweet, to how much this is true I do not know. The point is, this nose forms a complex in me that I really want to remove. As I see the other girls with small and snub-nops I feel like Cyrano de Bergerac! I don't have a boyfriend, and I feel like it's my nose. Please, if there are guys reading my story to write, would you like a girl with an ugly nose, but still falling in the "beautiful" column and how to remove this complex from yourself. Plastic surgery is not an option, so please don't offer it. I apologize if I have spelling mistakes!

Last Updated
May 16, 2020